The Red Solstice (PC) beginner's guide

Table of Contents

Combat uniforms
Tactics mode
Mission Objectives
Opponent’s choice
Take a stand
Fast level up

Combat uniforms / Class Overview

In The Red Solstice, first you have to select a combat suit and there are eight different classes. In multiplayer mode each player can take on another role, thus supporting the team. What advantages and disadvantages each class has, check out the following table.

Great RoleArms Special feature
Assault All-rounderMachine guns, grenade launchers, shotgun, pistol, SMG, Minigun The Assault is the class which alone can survive the longest. In connection with supporters, as the Medic, it becomes a fighting machine.
Medic HealerLight weapons, assault rifle, SMG The healer is effective only in the team. He can cure bleeding, poisoning and other injuries. But he must also be protected by his colleagues.
Demolition DamageExplosives, assault rifles The Demolition may employ various explosives to eliminate groups of enemies. Later, it can support the group with established turrets.
Recon Information / supportAssault Rifle With its capabilities of Recon opponents feel lighter on and returns the position of key goals to his Group.
Heavy Support DamageForce Gun, Flamethrower, Minigun, Assault Rifle The Heavy cares about the damage to your enemies. For him there are numerous skills available that shorten its reload time and increase damage values.
Hell-fire TankFlamethrowers, explosive projectiles, Minigun The Hellfire assumes the role of the tank. He stands in the forefront and takes opponents with his strong short-ranged weapons targeted.
Terminator TankEnergy weapons, minigun, explosive rounds Even the Terminator is a tank class. He uses more weapons with splash damage and can teleport later from sticky situations.
Marksman DamageSniper rifles, assault rifle The Marksman is the sniper in the game. He stands in the back row and exerts targeted damage to important and dangerous goals for the group.

Tactics Mode

To survive in The Red Solstice, you must always be able to master. Here you can activate the Space bar to help in the tactic mode. This is slowed you enormously and you have time to organize your squad. This is particularly important in the story mode and in the wave attacks because there you take control over an entire team.

Have you slowed down the game, you can now give each team member individually commands. So spread your own: Marine strategically in the room, take cover behind square or bottlenecks Clearly mark with booby traps. So use the tactic mode as often as possible. So you can keep track and will rarely overwhelmed by your enemies.


During your adventures on Mars, you will arrive in ammunitions repeatedly. There is but one remedy. Search for various containers, give them the supplies for you. These include for example the supply crates that are spread all over the roads. Shoot them, there is a chance that they leave items such as magazines, explosives or medikits.

One step further is what the lockers inside buildings. These are divided into different degrees of success. Do you find a locker with higher quality, and the potential items are better or you get more of it. So keep permanent lookout for such containers to replenish your supplies.


To stand against the hordes of enemies in The Red Solstice, you don’t have to click on each individual, there are the so-called Auto-Aim. Once you activate this the character will automatically take on the next best near target. This will save an enormous amount of ammunition. Because the Auto-Aim mode is much more accurate than manual shooting. By flares and skills you can improve it, but never compensated.

So use the Auto-Aim, if you have to overcome long distances or defending a position. So do it go onrushing opponents without having to stop. And in defending your team members can hold a position while their important mission objectives done in protection of their fire.


Since you always run in enemy hordes, you constantly have to check your ammunition. Once you have a short break, switch to the tactic mode. There you can watch in peace and reload the magazines of your weapons

Mission Objectives

Once you come across the game's addition tutorial, mission objectives will no longer appear to you directly. You gotta look at the map routes and escape routes that your network operator can call Escape. Respect always ensures that you have several options to find the route to a destination. Are nests or fall on the main path should choose alternative routes. These usually are fewer opponents.

Opponent's election

Are you on the way to a mission objective, you are constantly pursuing opponents. But most enemies cannot reach, because they move more slowly. So then turns off the Auto-Aim mode and take only opponent on the grain, which moves much faster than your group. So save your ammo and can use this later against powerful monsters and other abominations.

Taking a stand

In almost all environments of The Red Solstice, there are numerous coverages, such as tables, fences and boxes. These objects can your fighter away shooting, opponents but not directly to you. Addiction therefore always covers options, so that you minimize incoming damage and maximize the damage to you.

Quick level up

As you keep track of your level, we tell you on this page.

While the missions in The Red Solstice constantly level up. Completed for each opponents, mission objectives or open containers get your fighters XP. Use the tactic to view repeatedly their skills. There you can improve and better prepare for the upcoming battles.

Red Solstice: gain


The so-called Reinforcements will occur more frequently as part of your mission. These landing sites in the game world must defend over a period of time until a flying ship settles your gain. Thus, players who have already left, put back into play and can move with you. However, this gain comes only if you have completed all the monsters in the landing zone. For this requires enormous firepower and numerous booby traps.

Especially towards the end of the countdown storm particularly strong copies an on you. Positioned behind you coverage possibilities and move here after you tried it with different characters. This you get less damage, and the remaining team members can fire undisturbed.


Explosives, such as mines, Claymores, or underground explosions are very strong items that can turn off multiple enemies with one. You've got to move in confined spaces and then usually manually ignited with the selected character. Waits for an entire group of enemies in the blast radius is displayed in order to maximize the damage.

But the explosives also caution. Ignite while team members are near, they also get injured. An incorrectly ignited charge can cost a player you already.

This is very dangerous especially in tricky situations with many enemies. Therefore, keep yourselves distance always and other explosive devices.