Victor Vran: outfits / costumes guide

There are seven outfits and costumes in Victor Vran to find, one of which, however, is reserved for exclusive owner of the Early Access version of the game. They receive either through level rises or place them in well-hidden treasure during your gameplay.

You can also change the costumes with the so-called fate cards and receive various additional bonuses.

Victor Vran: All outfits and costumes at a glance

Outfits grant you better armor values, bonuses and nice additional effects that facilitate you everyday as a demon hunter belonging. You can see an overview of all costumes below.

Outfit ArmorBonuses Additional Effects
Costume of the Cavalier 10-50No You will receive every second 80-180 overdrive, but attack do not charge more for the overdrive.
Costume of the believer 30-100500-1000 more hit points  You gain overdrive by normal attacks.
Costume Outrider 50-150No - Additional slot for Fate cards
- Maximum Overdrive increases by 2000
- Overdrive builds up faster by 10% -30% off 
Costume Adventurer 0-80No 100% -200% of the damage you take, is converted into overdrive.
Costume of the righteous 20-7010% plus critical strike chance Critical hits you get 150% -300% more overdrive, but no longer you get from physical attacks.
Costume Wanderers (only for owners of the Early Access) 10-50No You will receive every second 80-180 overdrive, but attacks do not charge more for the overdrive.

Strengthen outfits and costumes by transmutation

You can also transmute and make them even more your clothes. These needs legendary demons forces for defense improvements or legendary fate maps in order to obtain special bonuses. You can also use Powerstones to improve. For the optical Schick, there is also the opportunity to color your outfits and costumes.