Victor Vran (PC) Fate Card guide

In Victor Vran, you can Victor with so-called fate cards equip. These are roughly the equivalent of what are in many other RPGs rings or trinkets or the like.

At the beginning of your adventure you will start with two inventory sites in which your destiny card can set. At level 10, 20 and 30, you get each add an additional fate card slot. In addition, you can add another slot to the costume of the adventurer.

However, you can not use these cards as desired. In addition to courses for Fate cards you have to get yet another resource to keep in mind: The fate points. This, too, you get through Level Rises, but are limited to 20 points.

Each card costs a card slot and 1-6 Destiny Points (the rarer the more). The trick is to combine your available points and slot as well as possible.

You can get the cards as random drops from enemies, Patriarch Kasimir in the castle (its offer 20 random cards) or GebaN the dealer (dealer-quarter, or cemetery Endless pit). Geban has the best, but also the most expensive offer.

Extra Tip: If you are not satisfied with the offer of dealers you leave the game, go to the main menu and enter the game again. Then the dealers have a new offer for you.

List of Standard map

Name Destiny Points Effect
The acrobat 1-3 Receive while dodging 100-200 Armor
The Alchemist 1-5 Reduce cooldown potions by 15% -40% (card can only be created 1x)
The Barbarian 5 Lower the cooldown of attacks by 1 second when you kill an enemy with Overkill
The Guardian 3-5 Trigger for a melee hit with a probability of 5% - 7% an explosion that causes 100-150 damage
The Bishop 2-6 Receive 50-150 life energy on a critical hit (5 second cooldown)
The Warrior 1-5 5% -20% higher melee damage
The runner 2 + 20% movement speed (1x card can only be created)
The Moon 2-4 Create at a critical hit a frost blast with 70-130 damage. All enemies in the radius receive "Frost" (15 second cooldown)
The Fool 0 No effect can be transmuted to random cards. Collect all 10 cards are a fool Achievement
The Knight 1-3 + 20 + 50 arms
The Executioner 1-4 15% -40% more damage against opponents with a vital energy below 50%
The Butcher 2-6 Receive 100-300 life energy at a deathblow (15 second cooldown)
The Shooter 1-5 + 5% -20% higher long-range damage
The Rogue 1-4 10% -50% higher critical damage
The Tower 1-3 The Overdrive bar fills up 15% -50% faster
The vampire 2-4 5% -10% Life stolen in attacks with weapons
The Beast 1-3 20-50 higher armor
The Oak 1-2 20% -30% Longer strengthening
The Sun 2-4 Create at an overkill a blast with 150-250- damage (20 second cooldown)
Justice1-3Receive "thorns" for 20-30 seconds, if you lose more than 10% life energy by a single hit (40 second cooldown)
Greed 1-2 20% - 40% more gold from monsters
Hope 1-4 200-600 more health
Strength 2-5 5% -10% higher crit chance
Death 1-4 7% -25% higher damage, but with 3% -10% less hit points
Trump card 1-8 + 2% -6% higher damage for each Fate card in your hand, 0% -8% Critical Damage for each Fate card in your hand

Legendary Cards

Legendary Cards can be respectively applied once (3-4 Destiny Points):

Name Effect
The Lightning + 10% damage against opponents shocked, -50% cooldown for ball lightning, + 50% Duration of ball lightning
The Inventor Increases the range and effectiveness of bombs Leave a frost bomb when dodging (60 second cooldown)
The fencers Receive rush for 2 seconds, if you kill an enemy with the Flurry a rapier, Coup de Grace generated on a hit Stunned for 2 seconds
The Saint +20 Armor for each equipped Divine card, opponents can cure balls fall, which in collecting 200 life force to restore (8 second cooldown), not purchasable at GebaN
The Hunter + 10% damage with the shotgun if you attack in the rhythm are now also grants power in addition to the normal effect
The seer +4 Destiny Points
The smith +100 Armor while carrying a hammer, attacks with a hammer obtained against opponents with full life energy 30% damage bonus
The Reaper +5 Maximum soul-shard The shock waves attack the sense now generates 10% of the damage per outputted Soul Shard
The Swordmaster + 20% Critical Damage with swords Receive the state regeneration for 10 seconds when you land a critical hit with average and rushing forward
The Devil +20 Armor for each equipped Demonic card, opponents let balls fall that lend brutality in collecting, not purchasable at Patriarch Kasimir
The Cannon Get taken for each of the grenade (hand mortar) enemy power for 1 second, explosive jump produced at enemies "Weak" for 5 seconds

Demonic and Divine map

In addition to all the cards or the suffix "divine" or "demonic" wear. The values of these cards are random. It's best to specialize you on a variant in combination with the map "the devil" or "The Holy".

Demonic Cards:

- Get in an overkill X% of the maximum overdrive
- Receive brutality when overdrive bar is full (X% probability)
- Receive focus for 10 seconds after a Overkill (30 second cooldown)
- Receive speed for 5 seconds after a deathblow (45 second cooldown)
- Increased range of Evasive Roll
- Joining critical strikes crippled (X% probability)
- Include bleeding for 8 seconds following a critical hit to (10 second cooldown)
- -x% period of negative states

Divine Cards:

- Receive regeneration for 10 seconds, if you fall under X% life energy (30 second cooldown)
- Receive X health when Overdrive is full
- Remove with a deathblow a negative state (10 second cooldown)
- Lightning (100 damage) against attacking distance fighters (X% probability)
- X% chance to find more in a chest
- X% chance to negate a critical hit
- + X% damage when the life energy is about 90% + X armor

Transmutations of fate map

From level 16 you gain the ability to transmute Fate cards. What options do you have to you can see here:

Improve Rarity:

Rarer cards bring higher bonuses. Therefore, three suited cards transmute into a higher card. Divine cards must incidentally have always three divine maps as a base, otherwise you lose the "divine" status. Demonic cards can not be transmuted.

Add Divine / Frailty:

However, you can a normal card Divine can be doer Frailty: For this you need the target card and three divine or demonic cards. Tip: The effect you see in front of the transmute. If your new invites the score you get a new effect.

Random Cards:

Three times the card "The Fool" results in a random other card. Perhaps a legendary...