We played the first few hours of Devil's Third on Wii U

Tomonobu Itagaki is not only one of the most controversial in the gaming industry for his statements, but also one of the most respected and acclaimed creative minds in the industry. Equate the work of this Japanese with these two masterpieces of the hack 'n slash that are Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) and Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox 360) as well as the first four installments of Dead or Alive, it is not something that is precisely to everyone, as has been demonstrated by Ninja Gaiden 3 and Dead or Alive 5, games that were led by Itagaki and experienced a clear drop in quality over its predecessors.

So when in the E3 of 2010 announced Devil's Third , a new game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 signed by this designer, automatically claimed the attention of the whole world, since that fact was enough to deserve our interest. However, since its introduction we did not know much about it and the failure of THQ (publisher of the game) does not seem to help too to leave its development adequately.

Thus, it took several years until the E3 2014 Itagaki surprised all by announcing that Devil's Third would become an exclusive game for Wii U developed by Nintendo itself, a move that almost nobody expected and above was accompanied for the first sequences of gameplay.

Of course Nintendo had to spend another full year for this and has given us the opportunity to try for the first time and surrounded by some controversy, as the questionable decision not to translate into our language, which had for years without occur with a game published by this veteran Japanese company and that seems to be repeated with the next installment of Project Zero (hopefully not).

So, and now with the final version in our hands, we had the opportunity to play the early stages of the Devil's Third campaign, which has allowed us to get a good idea of the game. Unfortunately, we are still trying to recover from the huge disappointment that we have left its early hours.

Yes, we cannot think of another word to describe what that disappointment transmitting Devil's Third, since it has all the features that a game needs to be labeled as mediocre. But let's not anticipate events and parties.

For those who do tracked it to say that we have a shooter in third person seeking melee mix with various weapons (katanas, axes, etc.) and shootings cover both third and first person, according to the precision with which we want to target.

This strange mixture, which on paper may sound good and give rise to situations as varied as spectacular, in practice it has finished translating a huge stupidity, causing the title does not convince either as hack n 'slash or as a shooter. Control in the melee is extremely simple and involves sticking around a few loose strokes and then press the button and see a strong attack execution will depend on the weapon to relocate, as all are handled exactly the same (although the speed, potency and effectiveness of each vary). We have not seen different and varied combos.

To complement our attacks we have several defensive actions like blocking (which can be performed even with ranged weapons such as assault rifles) and elusive, although we can throw our arms like a projectile. And this case all you will find when it comes to fight hand to hand against your rivals, which has just translated into a number of very boring and simplistic battles in which our only motivation is to see further executions, although these are just repeating.

The other side of the invent we shoot that leave not to be the same as we have seen in dozens of games: decision coverage (or not, if you will not outlast too) and shoots, either from the hip third party or pointing in first. The AI is not particularly bright, so unless we rend our coverage, we throw one Grenade or we melee an enemy, we can defend ourselves at a particular site and go destroying the rival army uncomplicated.

It is not an easy game, which is already house brand, so you will die fairly even in normal difficulty level. This is because the rivals are usually very numerous, to a system of automatic health regeneration only allow us to hold a couple of hits followed and a number of common situations where you have to deal with enemies with melee weapons we fried to death while others both with their rifles and rocket launchers.

The latter will force us to use the stage to lure enemies to sites outside the view of the shooters able to dispatch, as we get to hit when we are an easy target is the worst idea that you may occur. To facilitate this, we have a technique of sliding on the ground that will allow us to move around the stage with a little more ease, although opponents have a shot than most of us would like.

At least, we must admit that the controls are very well resolved and was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which we move from one chamber to another. Furthermore, the fact that we don’t have to press a button to get in coverage (simply approach a wall or structure where we can shelter) has also seemed to us a great success. Devil's Third has many flaws, but the controls are not one of them.

Level design, at least in these early stages, are also looking very poor, badly raised, without any claw repetitive (especially in times when it seeks to break with the standard pattern) situations. Everything is a corridor through which move linearly with some slightly more open areas, which would not be a big problem if all you get out on our way out as we advance minimally stimulating, which is not.

But if there's anything worse than its level design, that's certainly its final, fully unfortunate and attack routines that pale in comparison to what could be seen a few generations ago, proposing a completely bland and boring to get clashes overcome by repeating the same movements over and over again.

The story not long ago to save the set, with a series of characters with no charisma and very poorly written, a disastrous narrative and a script that makes water everywhere. To summarize quickly, embody Ivan, a former terrorist who after being imprisoned is dedicated to give you favors the Government of the United States in return for certain rewards, such as a battery or a Spanish guitar. Now, after an attack by his former peer group that has blown electronic systems worldwide attack, will touch stop them before it's too late.

If you expected that at least of graphics to be saved from burning out as an exclusive console, also have bad news to give you. Model met without much fanfare, the scenarios are very generic and have not particularly inspired artistic direction, there are absurdly low resolution textures, there is usually some popping and what most us bothered: a frame rates per second that does not know the word 'stability'.

There's not much good to say about sound, as the soundtrack is totally forgettable (not even half an hour ago we stopped playing to write this article and are unable to remember some of its tunes).

As you have seen throughout this article, our first few hours impressions with Devil's Third have left us cold. We still maintain some hope that the game will improve considerably as we move forward and get its multiplayer, but just in case, we prefer to maintain our minimum low expectations after this first impression.