World of Warships: Torpedo guide

Torpedo-Guide - The Basics

Torpedoes are among the most destructive weapons that the World of Warships has Arsenal to offer. However, some work requires to use the torpedoes cleverly.

Compared to a grenade hit, torpedoes cause like four to five times damage. This explosive power must be balanced naturally somehow. That is, difficult handling and smaller burst mostly offset by longer loading times.

There are two types of torpedoes: aerial torpedoes that we take the aircraft carrier guide more closely and ship-based torpedoes.

Also in the classes of torpedoes there are design differences between American and Japanese torpedoes:

Americans rely on small torpedoes with less explosive power and short-range, with thick Japanese torpedoes prefer long range. That's why even American torpedo compartments are scattered larger than the Japanese.


These design differences affect the tactics of the ships.

Destroyer: Americans use torpedoes prefer melee ambush (struggle for islands around for example), where Japanese Captains quasi send mobile mines over a longer distance, make bottlenecks with continuous fire impassable.

Cruiser: The American cruisers are only to Tier 5 (Omaha-class) or even on Tier 7 (Atlanta, Premium cruiser) armed with torpedo launchers, not after that. But even with the Japanese cruiser torpedo launchers migrate Tier 5 (Furutake class) further to the rear. This leads to a limitation of the field in which you can fire torpedoes.

Therefore, torpedoes are in cruisers usually more defensive weapons. For example, they can be used to fire from attacking opponents behind to take bottlenecks or hotspots during calibration under fire. Offensive maneuvers, as they are still possible with destroyers rather fall not from the cruiser class.

Properly with torpedoes aimed

In contrast to the artillery provides for torpedoes a sighting. It is sorely needed, because torpedoes themselves still difficult enough to get to the finish. This gray strip shows you at where your opponent, he should maintain course and speed would meet your torpedoes - you probably recognizes the problem.

Therefore, it is advised to leave you not alone on the sighting.

Among yourselves: the enemy has already discovered me? He expects a torpedo attack? How far he is away - you could always spreading out (renewed pressure on "3") of the Torpedo fan, so that more space is bombarded?

Also know your target: Japanese warships have terrible tropics - the soft active guarantees no torpedo from which they discover. American only. If the captain is responsive. Unlike back in cruisers and destroyers: Since you can assume that they will launch an alternative test.

Delaying tactics

A well-known tactic to bring the torpedo to the finish is the waiting game. For this you need a ship that is capable of firing torpedoes at least two rounds.

The first salvo fired exactly in the path, which specifies the target. Depending on the Tropic of your opponent fires the second volley verge.

The opponent will likely discover your torpedoes perform the classic defense against torpedoes: He turns the bug in the torpedo compartments, so that he has less of a target. But if you have your second salvo fired exactly there, he will fall directly into your trap.