Yoshi's Woolly World: All amiibo designs in pictures

I am sure that all readers will be aware that you start Yoshi's Woolly World with 2 different wool Yoshis.

Light blue woolen Yoshi
Red woolen Yoshi

Besides these, in every world in the local levels 9 you can always unlock 9 Special Yoshi designs.

But that's not all what Yoshi Wooly World has to offer. You can also unlock with your amiibos new designs for your Yoshi Gallery. For this you need only on the wool Atoll in the amiibo Pavilion, which is accessible from the start and simply your amiibo on the Wii U game pad set.

This has 3 advantages:

- Your on a cool Yoshi design free for you amiibo required only once and can then in amiibo Pavilion again choose at any time!

- Also whom the amiibo is registered on another player, it does not matter because only the "amiibo- Read" function is used!

- You can design your choice on your woolen Yoshi save so that your woolen Yoshi automatically has the design if you use it!

So you can, also a friend short his amiibo borrow so that it has the Yoshi design!

Below you find a list of the various styles and what you need for amiibos.

amiibo designs (Woolen Yoshi - amiibo)

amiibo-Yoshi - Charizard, Lucario, Pikachu, and Pummelluff Quajutsu
Residents Yoshi - Resident
Bowser Yoshi - Bowser
Bowser Jr. Yoshi - Bowser Jr.
Captain Falcon Yoshi - Captain Falcon
Daraen / Robin Yoshi - Daraen / Robin
Diddy Kong Yoshi - Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong Yoshi - Donkey Kong
Dr. Mario Yoshi - Dr. Mario
Sinister pit Yoshi - Sinister Pit
Fox Yoshi - Fox
Ganondorf Yoshi - Ganondorf
Ike-Yoshi - Ike
Inkling Boy-Yoshi - Inkling Boy
Inkling Girl Yoshi - Inkling Girls
Inkling Squid Yoshi - Inkling Squid
Kirby-Yoshi - Kirby
King Dedede-Yoshi - King Dedede
Link-Yoshi - Link
Little Mac Yoshi - Little Mac
Lucina-Yoshi - Lucina
Luigi Yoshi - Luigi
Mario Yoshi - Mario
Marth-Yoshi - Marth
Mega Man ??Yoshi -Mega Man
Meta-Knight-Yoshi - Meta-Knight
Ness-Yoshi - Ness
Olimar-Yoshi - Olimar
Palutena-Yoshi - Palutena
Peach-Yoshi - Peach
Pit-Yoshi - Pit
Rosalina-Yoshi - Rosalina and Luma
Samus Yoshi - Samus
Sheik-Yoshi - Sheik
Shulk-Yoshi - Shulk
Sonic the Hedgehog-Yoshi - Sonic the Hedgehog
Toad Yoshi - Toad
Toon Link Yoshi - Toon Link
Yoshi - Yoshi (Smash)
Wario Yoshi - Wario
Wii Fit trainer-Yoshi - Wii Fit trainer
Woolen Yoshi (Green) - Woolen Yoshi (Green)
Woolen Yoshi (Light Blue) - Woolen Yoshi (Light Blue)
Woolen Yoshi (Pink) - Woolen Yoshi (Pink)
Zelda Yoshi - Zelda
Zero Suit Samus Yoshi - Zero Suit Samus

Amiibo-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Charizard - Smash-Collection
Lucario - Smash-Collection
Pikachu - Smash-Collection
Pummelluff - Smash-Collection
Quajutsu - Smash-Collection

Residents Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Resident - Smash-Collection

Bowser Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Bowser - Smash-Collection
Bowser - Mario Party Collection

Bowser Jr. Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Bowser Jr. - Smash-Collection

Captain Falcon Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Captain Falcon - Smash-Collection

Daraen / Robin Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Daraen / Robin - Smash-Collection

Diddy Kong Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Diddy Kong - Smash-Collection

Dr. Mario Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Dr. Mario - Smash-Collection

Sinister pit Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Sinister Pit - Smash-Collection

Fox Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Fox - Smash-Collection

Ganondorf Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Ganondorf - Smash-Collection

Ike-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Ike - Smash-Collection

Inkling Boy-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Inkling Boy - Splatoon-Collection

Inkling Girl Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Inkling Girl's - Splatoon-Collection

Inkling Squid Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Inkling Squid - Splatoon-Collection

Kirby-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Kirby - Smash-Collection

King Dedede-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

King Dedede - Smash-Collection

Link-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Link - Smash-Collection

Little Mac Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Little Mac - Smash-Collection

Lucina-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Lucina - Smash-Collection

Luigi Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Luigi - Smash-Collection
Luigi - Mario Party Collection

Mario Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Mario - Smash-Collection
Mario - Mario Party Collection
Silver Mario - Mario Gold and Silver Edition
Gold Mario - Mario Gold and Silver Edition

Marth-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Marth - Smash-Collection

Mega Man Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Mega Man - Smash-Collection

Meta-Knight-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Meta-Knight - Smash-Collection

Ness-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Ness - Smash-Collection

Olimar-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Olimar - Smash-Collection

PAC-MAN-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

PAC-MAN - Smash-Collection

Palutena-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Palutena - Smash-Collection

Peach-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Peach - Smash-Collection
Peach - Mario Party Collection

Pit-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Pit - Smash-Collection

Rosalina-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Rosalina and Luma - Smash-Collection

Samus Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Samus - Smash-Collection

Sheik-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Sheik - Smash-Collection

Shulk-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Shulk - Smash-Collection

Sonic the Hedgehog-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Sonic the Hedgehog - Smash-Collection

Toad Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Toad - Mario Party Collection

Toon Link Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Toon Link - Smash-Collection

Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Yoshi - Smash-Collection
Yoshi - Mario Party Collection


You have the Yoshi-amiibo in a Level verewenden, then you can find him in "amiibo Pavilion" choose!

Wario Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Wario - Smash-Collection

Wii Fit trainer-Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Wii Fit trainer - Smash-Collection

Woolen Yoshi (Green) (amiibo - Collection)

Woolen Yoshi (Green) - Woolen Yoshi-Collection


You have the "wool" -Yoshi-amiibo verewenden in a level, then you can choose it in "amiibo Pavilion"!

Woolen Yoshi (Light Blue) (amiibo - Collection)

Woolen Yoshi (Light Blue) - Woolen Yoshi-Collection


You have the "wool" -Yoshi-amiibo verewenden in a level, then you can choose it in "amiibo Pavilion"!

Woolen Yoshi (Pink) (amiibo - Collection)

Woolen Yoshi (Pink) - Woolen Yoshi-Collection


You have the "wool" -Yoshi-amiibo verewenden in a level, then you can choose it in "amiibo Pavilion"!

Zelda Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Zelda - Smash-Collection

Zero Suit Samus Yoshi (amiibo - Collection)

Zero Suit Samus - Smash-Collection