5 best Adam Sandler's movies - 2015

It all started with a small supporting role in the "Bill Cosby" show in the 1980s, and a comedy club in Boston, where Adam Sandler discovered his talent for comedy. From then on, it went without any major detours for the native New Yorker to Los Angeles and before he knew it, Adam Sandler was one of the most recognizable faces of the legendary "Saturday Night Live" - Comedyshow. He parodied various stars and starlets, invented strange songs and finally a so infantile version of the buffoon, as crude obscenities like "Billy Madison" or "Happy Gilmore". The audience liked the dopey Alpha Kevin, the rows brought Adam Sandler in the 1990s to the canvas and so managed the comedian at the latest with "Waterboy", a final decision on the comedian star.

There followed a series of amazingly different films, some of which are really uproariously funny, others amazingly touching and finally again some who have hardly a single successful Gag. We have therefore kept to the great moments and present to you the Top 5 of the best Adam Sandler’s movies. Have fun!

Anger Management (2003, directed by Peter Segal)

"Anger Management" opens the Adam Sandler-dances and keeping the same high burden for the comedian: he grins diabolically, has a lot of charisma and unlikely answers to the name Jack Nicholson. The latter is of course one of the greatest legends of Hollywood, could the poor Mr. Sandler anytime play loosely against the wall. But Adam Sandler does his job properly and does not go under, but meets the challenge. That's a good thing, after all, is "Anger Management" an entertaining comedy that largely dispenses with infantile Pee and poop jokes and all his charming familiar story.

Adam Sandler plays the submissive Dave Buznik, who earns his living as a designer of clothes for overweight cats and can be constantly pushed around by God and the world. Ironically, this true-whiner is due to a misunderstanding of the injury found guilty and sentenced to an anti-aggression therapy. There he meets not only an angry John McEnroe, but becomes acquainted with his mental coach, the completely loopy Dr. Buddy Rydell alias Jack Nicholson, who will then make his life hell. Making the common escapades despite slightly fitted acting resolution fortunately a lot of fun and so ends up "Anger Management" rank 5.

Punch-Drunk Love (2002, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson)

Our Number 4 place is a classic outlier and has the popular Adam Sandler comedies in the style of "Grown Ups" so much to do as the Hamburg Sports Club with a defeat in the relegation. No wonder, sitting in "Punch-Drunk-Love" with Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of such films as "The Master" on the director's chair and lets Adam Sandler walk through a Kafkaesque setting, which has no equal in the filmography.

Adam Sandler plays the frustrated young entrepreneur Billy, who is bullied at work and harassed by his seven sisters. The call for a sex hotline is another moment of humiliation and suddenly the introverted man is even threatened by the provider of those services. The only bright spot in an increasingly grotesque world is becoming acquainted with the lovely Lena (Emily Watson), which gives the loner who wants to really just be left in peace new vitality. What sounds like an oblique rom-com, is much more a plea for individualism and true feelings in an anonymous and cold world, tells the cameraman Robert Elswit in unusual pictures. "Punch Drunk Love" is a bittersweet arthouse film and the first evidence that Adam Sandler can really act.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008, directed by Dennis Dugan)

Its garish, provocative and uproariously funny: "Don’t mess with Zohan" is the opposite of "Punch Drunk Love" and suggests just pleasurably over the traces. Perhaps the funniest of all Adam Sandler films, tells the story of an Israeli elite fighter who materialize in New York City his lifelong dream and wants to be a hairdresser. Sounds like gaga, but yet to disappear by the offensive readiness, with female clients of all ages to read Knickknack into the next room, topped.

"You Don’t Mess with the Zohan" is an incredibly refreshing, not politically correct grotesque that can show even sufficient snappy jokes at the expense of relations in the Middle East in addition to numerous leg impactors that a laughter in some places almost stuck in the throat. Hard to imagine that Adam Sandler with stupid comedies like after this bravura piece "Jack and Jill" adopted back in the shallow of petty infantilism.

Reign Over Me (2007; directed by Mike Binder)

Reign Over Me: a tragicomedy film about September 11, 2001 event with Adam Sandler in the lead role. Can this go on? The answer is clearly yes, because with "Reign Over Me" delivers the often maligned Comedian his masterpiece as an actor. Optically a sort of Bob Dylan he transforms instinctive sureness on the keyboard of soft sounds and plays a broken man whose wife and three daughters were killed in the terrorist attack.

Former dentist Charlie (Adam Sandler) is not to mourn in a position and takes refuge in his carefree life as a teenager, from him his former college friend (Don Cheadle) wants to get care. For this difficult business forms Director Mike Binder an ode to friendship, lets his protagonists to Bruce Springsteen's "Out In The Streets" by the wounded New York stray and are the numerous survivors with its main character an unexpectedly touching and authentic-looking face, behind the obscenities infected King Adam Sandler.

50 First Dates (2004, directed by Peter Segal)

We finish our Top 5 with a classic Adam Sandler’s comedy that probably represents the most representative work of the comedian and actor Adam Sandler in his balance between silly slapstick, touching story, successful transition and a few bawdy ribaldry below the belt. He plays in "50 First Dates" the zookeeper Henry Roth gladly spends on the Hawaiian island with attractive tourists. But one day caught Cupid's arrow also Henry and he falls in love with the locals Lucy (Drew Barrymore). The art teacher is the advances of her new admirer, not averse, but the romance has a huge catch: Since an accident Lucy suffers from acute amnesia and forgets every night what happened the day before Henry must therefore try to leave a lasting impression. and lies down over backward.

"50 First Dates" therefore occupies our top 5 position, because it manages to perfectly balance the many facets of rather fluctuating work of Adam Sandler and the star himself with Drew Barrymore found beyond his ultimate screen partner. That the chemistry between the two is still true, showed recently the joint comedy " Blended (2014)" .