A Story of Seasons (3DS) tips

Eda is your neighbor

Eda died on 1 winter and her last wish is that you get her farm. Now you have to create a lot of space for the whole Maker or to field.

At first level, you get directly helped build a barn by a carpenter. The next day comes Eda and gives you a cow.

Man has no shipping crate. Items and harvest must be sold at the merchants. One is from the very beginning (Silk country), the other one can unlock in which you sell a lot.

2. Dealer (Cabin Country) min. 100000 G make the first distributor

3. Dealer (Sakura Country) min. 200000 G earn the other dealers, etc.

One can buy at the dealership various items, eg. Leveling plans to hammer on gold, recipes, different crops and also plans for the cheese, seeds, spices Maker (Mayo, miso, salt, sugar, etc.), tailoring and pottery. For all things which can be produced at the workbench (you get from the carpenter, the first level of the house), you need plans (furniture, tools, clothing, jewelry).

Rent Field

One has the possibility of the Mayor Veronica, boxes for rent. Most important are here, the fields for wheat, rice, honey and mushrooms.

To see when the fields are free or the lease expires, you have to concentrate and select the mayor, you will want to hire a field. She says she must first ask the previous tenants. Comes immediately and she will of course not so simple give if other farmers also want to rent the field.

There is a competition among the farmers who want to have this field. Either one chooses the competition who deserves most G or an event in the year. The Mayor announces the appointment or the event. Who, for example. the best animal has wins or who has most earned in a day.

It's not so hard when you select the Earn.

If we swim a lot and collects one example. The topaz, and harvest fish, then you have a lot of fast G together with the sale.

In the first year it's more difficult with the events, because, as everyone knows you don’t get so quickly the heart fully in the animals.


The fields are again in the usual 3x3 square (not in the 2x4 as in A New Beginning).

If the season is to wither the plant for 1st of the next month, there is also a kind of fruit each Gold version, these "versions" must be unlocked first, but you get more money for it.

The star rank as always increased by fertilizer.

There is Invincibility Star, Super Mushrooms and Fire Flower (the Mario items), which you can not sell:

- The Invincibility Star keep the food fresh longer

- The flower bloom away the rotted plants from the field

- The Super Mushroom makes plants (which can be harvested several times) grow faster


Spring: turnip, potato, cabbage, cucumber, strawberry, pink rose, daisy, tulip, carnation

Summer: onion, pumpkin, tomatoes, peppers, corn, pineapple, watermelon, honeydew, sunflower, red roses, hydrangeas, lilies, hibiscus

Autumn: Spinach, Bardock root, carrots, eggplant, yam, green pepper, Andean potato, Nadeshiko, White Rose, Gerbera

Winter: Daikon, Bok Choy, Broccoli, snowdrop, gentian, Blue Rose

All year long: cactus, wheat, soya beans, lotus root, wasabi, sugar cane, chili pepper, flax, cotton, grass, rice

Trees: cherry, peach, banana, mango, almond, apple, grape, chocolate, kiwi, lemon, nutmeg, olive, orange, tea

Eda, dealer

In the first week do you exercise a week at Eda.

She shows how it all works. She also gives you tool.