Act of Aggression (PC) Cartel faction guide

Antitrust Group - Pros and Cons

Below you will find pros and cons of the Group:

The cartel is a unique combination of secessionist politicians, the military and industrialists, but feels no specific nation belongs, originally created the organization in the 60s during the Cuba crisis. The failed landing in the Bay of Pigs and the political decisions of President Kennedy as a result, were some anti-communist forces on the abilities of the President doubt to bring communism to the case. Thus, these forces gathered in secret behind closed doors and the nucleus de cartel was born. After the fall of communism, the enemy had but got lost and criminal forces in the union took over the command.

The new target is all countries and industries to bring under their control. It's all about money and power, so move the faltering US in the crosshairs of the organization. Previously, they had the resources of many former Eastern Bloc countries secured and brought them under their control.

Here you can take a look at the US Army faction cast:

US Army Faction Guide

The Cartel Group has two stages namely the private army and the "Unit" Covert operations, for a little more questionable operations.


- Transport helicopters, which are necessary for the transport of raw materials, as well as the helicopter, which is responsible for the construction of a new building are damaging flying units and therefore only by air defense
- Half of cartel-building function normally, which means a huge advantage in terms of speed of construction
- In a battle they are already prepared very early by their tanks against aircraft, infantry and other ground vehicles.
- The Group has the most advanced prototype technology using special stealth technology, which even stealth generators can cloak whole building.


- Some support building must be placed very close to other buildings, which brings a huge risk when bombings or other widespread attacks with it.
- Even the "Tobamak Generator", which represents the only sourcing building of the cartel must be built very close to warehouses or headquarters, which means that your enemy does not have time to look for it.
- Most buildings of the Group do not use a lot of aluminum, but most units.
- Why collecting the resources is "top priority" Compared with the other groups, the cartel is much more dependent on all three types of resources, which might explain their expansionism.
- Private defense fraction gun "Artillery Turret" is not prepared for air raids and infantry.
- Barracks and the production units are very expensive and mercenaries consume minerals, they want money for their services.
- Buildings produce high technologies consume a lot of energy (for these technologies are useful).

All units of the cartel at a glance

Vehicles / Antitrust Group Branch of service / application fields
Spectre Tarn-tank
Vextra Armored transport vehicle (different armaments)
Koalitsija Mobile Artillery
Amos Mortar Tank
LoSat Light tank / anti-tank missiles
Jackal Lightweight armed transport vehicle
Otomatic Air defense anti-tank
Scorpio Light Aufklärungspanzer
Scout CGS Fast reconnaissance vehicle (2 armaments)
BREM-80U Armored recovery vehicle

Air Units:

Vehicles / Antitrust Group Branch of service / application fields
X-32 Lightweight fighter
Su-47 Berkut Air Superiority fighter
XB-70 Valkyrie Strategic Bomber
Comanche Rapid reconnaissance and attack helicopter
Superhind Heavy attack helicopter
Shadowhawk Experimental stealth attack helicopter (information to follow)
Recon K-MAX / Survey team Euro Hawk aircraft
K-Max Light Transport Helicopter

Infantry Units:

Infantry units - Kartell Arm of the service
Shershen Anti-tank / mortar unit
Viper Anti-tank / rocket launcher unit
Contractor Standard infantry unit
Punisher Heavily armored medical unit
Grinch Experimental Equipment (information to follow)
Vanguard Experimental Equipment (information to follow)