Act of Aggression PC: US Army Faction Guide

Act of Aggression PC: US Faction Guide - All units of the Group at a glance

US Army - Group - Pros and Cons

The US Army is the most balanced group in Act of Aggression. Here you learn more about the US Army, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as some important units and buildings.

We will provide the following contents for you after the release of the game:

- Which upgrades make some war machine more dangerous and where to find these upgrades.
- Useful strategies and tactics to help you become better acquainted with the US Army in order to decide whether this group is the right one for you.

Below you will find pros and cons of the Group:

The US Army Group is still a great power in the world of Act of Aggression. But year long conflict across the globe have shrunk their power. The United States can no longer afford such a powerful military machine. The permanent cuts in the military budget have led to wear in military material and staff shortages. In addition, the development of many new weapons systems have been stopped.

This causes a massive weakening on the battlefields of the future, as US Army Group can not have high-tech units in the course of the campaign. Such as units with superior stealth or special armor for infantry units.

However, the United States has experienced veterans and the powerful Abrams tank, which is still the backbone of the armed forces.


- It has a large number of infantry and light vehicles. The "M993" (transport vehicle), which provides raw materials to the warehouse, has the largest cargo capacity of all factions.
- Proven "elderly" weapon systems
- The infantry is very balanced. So neither aircraft, vehicles nor enemy infantry are a problem. Three different defense towers also provide more flexibility: "machine-gun nest", "phalanx", "Patriot"
- The Americans have relatively balanced bases that are not so small and limited as the Chimera Group, but also not so far extended as to the cartel.


- The US Army requires large amounts of electricity to keep building, as well as defense towers on the run. In addition, it has only a limited number of heavy vehicles.

All units of the US Army at a glance


M1A2 Abrams - Standard - Reinforced
M142 HIMARS - Mobile launchers
M1203 NLOS-C - Mobile Artillery
Stryker - Universal tank system (5Typen); Both troop carrier or air defense anti-tank
Blazer - Anti-aircraft
Humvee - Light transport vehicle (3 versions)
Hercules - Armored vehicle repair
M933 Carrier - Resource Transportation
Shredder - Construction unit
Survey Team - Spotter

Air units:

F-22 Raptor - Fighter Plane
B-2 Spirit - Stealth Bomber
F-35B Lightning 2 - Combat aircraft for ground attack
Little Bird - Light Helicopter
V-22 Osprey - Transport aircraft (difficult)
AH-64 Guardian - Gunship
Dustoff - Medevac

Infantry units:

US Navy - Standard unit
Light Mortar - Mortar unit
Javelin Soldier / Stinger AA Soldier - Rocket Launcher / anti-tank unit
Sniper - Marksman
Delta Force - Elite unit (stealth)