Best Legendary Cards in Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament

Best Legendary Cards for each deck type in Hearthstone The Grand tournament

The Grand Tournament is the latest expansion for Blizzard's online collectible card game Hearthstone and revolves mainly around knight tournaments and competitions. And of course may not be missing new cards, just as handy new card capabilities as the fun Jousting or the ability of inspiration.

Hearthstone- The Grand tournament: How you get Legendary Cards

Among the 132 new cards from the expansion of the Grand Tournament there are also particularly useful legendary cards that make your deck very powerful if you use them wisely and sensibly. The legendary cards you can fiddle via Arcane Dust, but because each of them cost 1,600 grains you should have saved or good start with the disenchant of unnecessary cards.

But the effort is worthwhile, because the legendary cards have it in them. We have eight of them listed in the following table, one for each type of deck and a neutral card, which you may take with you anywhere. Also do not miss our Top 10 Cards in Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament.

The MistcallerShaman6 Mana Battle Cry: Gives all the worshipers on your hands and your deck + 1 / + 1
Varian WrynnWarrior10 Mana Battle Cry: draws three cards and puts all so drawn servants directly on the battlefield
Eadric the PurePaladin7 Mana Battle Cry: Sets the attack all enemy Servant 1
Wilfred Fizzlebang Sorcerer6 Mana Card, pulling her with your hero ability, cost 0
RhoninMagician8 Mana Death rattle: Obtain three copies of Arcane bullet to the hand
AvianaDruid9 Mana Your servant costs 1
Confessor PaletressPriest7 Mana Inspiration: Summons a random legendary servant
Justicar Trueheart Neutral 6 Mana Replace your original hero ability through better