Craft The World (PC) tips

Dig cave rooms - several tips

1. Dig cave rooms

See that it comes under the earth as soon as possible to graze the local natural resources. Coal, gold, stone, iron ore ... No Problem! Prepare yourself. Don’t worry about the resulting holes

2. Fill holes

You now have the resources mined and the space has become too large. So go to your inventory and creates Earth in the Quick Bar. Enable with one click and click anywhere where you want to have the earth again. Command is: build earth.

3. Make rooms out of holes and tunnels

Since Dwarves only take a earth in claim, the rooms do not have to be particularly large. My three blocks high. Prepare you floors and stairs with clods - but you can also use rocks or other resources to do so.

4. A house is only a house…

... It is finished. Dwarves will not go to sleep when the house is somewhere incomplete. For this reason, you must speak with walls and doors ensure that it becomes a closed space. If you build a wall, activated another material of the same type (with wooden walls so even a wooden wall) are added and changed what want to build their (at an angle, for example, or panels). So take your house to take shape.

First work, then the comfort!

It may be all very well to set up comfortably, but you should set priorities here. It does not help to have a nice chair, if you at night to fight drum.

Therefore, direct your attention to the most important things, which are:

- Floor hatches

These hatches can lock in the mountains your dwarves.

I use very often during the night, or when the goblins come.

Send your dwarves then work underground, closes the hatch, waiting until the attack is over.

- Table

You need a table to make your food on which the dwarves can get when hungry. The table should be placed underground as possible, so that you can send your dwarves eat in an attack.

As the dwarves just quickly what wedged between the teeth, it makes sense to run them well for their food. So you have enough time to close the hatch.

- Tool

The faster the degradation of the resources expanded the better. Ensure axes and pickaxes to the cutting trees and mining craft to propel. In this game, every minute projection is important.

- Torches

If you imprison your dwarves at night, they don’t have to stand around idly. Build torches and placed about every 5th block, so you can see where you find yourself, and what you can do it there. Without light you see nothing, you might miss out coal or other treasures.

- Your dwarves will curse you sometime, if you put only mixed salad in front of them. They like variety and you should as soon as possible have built an outdoor fireplace, where the dwarves can prepare meals. Go hunting or buys you the meat and eggs, the main thing you are culinary active. The dwarves will thank you!

Bad teleport better than good

In your inventory, there is a teleport spell that can make you really good service.

Why walk 5 meters and collect wood, cut down trees just around the corner?

To have trees in front of the door is practical, because you can just before the "witching hour" still cut down.

Take the teleport spell and looking for you on the map from any spot, just what you need. There you click back and there the teleporter will appear that beams your dwarves directly to the camp.

So far you can carry out everything and if you visit by evil critter, you send the Dwarves simply eat or rest. The portal closes again after a while.


The teleporter consumed 2 Mana. Mana can be found in the top left of the menu. Make sure that you always have enough mana to bring your dwarves home. 2 mana to send you somewhere and to have no more mana for a second teleporter, is not a good idea. You would have to walk all the way back.

So far, I have no monsters still followed by the teleport, but I do not know if they could. Set your wormholes therefore considered a, if it is possible that creatures can travel through there.

Food never distributed in the accommodation!

Your dwarves appreciate varied food. However, 2 tables at the same place can be and it can be also the 5 identical meals on each - the dwarves run for identical scrambled eggs still in table 3.

Tip So: If your tables with food to where you want to gather the dwarves. Perhaps in order to be able to control or God knows. So they are all in one place, if you send them to eat. And so they waste unnecessary time trying dishes that exist right under their noses.

In addition, always you should have plentiful. So it saves you the eternal cooking.

Under the earth and everything tight!

As already mentioned, it is advisable to extend its accommodation underground. Every hour opens portals from which comes Monster. In addition to those who come every night to you and beat at your doors.

Much worse is that it's getting worse. It does not come more and more monsters, maybe every night, but once the portals are open. And at some point it will also no longer sufficient, around the hotel 3 fields earth to have.

Dig deep beneath the earth. With multiple outputs, each with several doors and between the doors fall. Each entrance will protect you, but remember: at some point the iron is mined in the mountains. Eventually, the coins are scarce, with which you can buy something at the store. You are deeper below ground and you have better protected entrance, you are safe.