Dying Light - Bozak Horde all 20 Trials / Tasks guide

All Tasks / Trials to Bozak

Challenge 1: defused a bomb within 25 seconds, which is located on a bus, at the east end of Park Hall.

Challenge 2: Kill three zombies. To distinguish them from the others, you can take a look at the red marks on the mini map. They also carry an orange jumpsuit.

Challenge 3: Kill more zombies. During this task, you must also defuse the next bomb, arrive at that you have a car, from which you highly handled on pipes.

Challenge 4: Kill the 4 "Bolter". These zombies are not attacking you, but they will run away, what it makes you difficult, this killing in a timely manner.

Tip: You jump out of the yellow van. You’ll also get medikits.

Challenge 5: Behind a big fence you have to defuse the next bomb. Jump to the nearby van and from there over the fence. 2 zombies will attack you before you defuse the bomb. Then again you have 2 ways that lead to the outside.

Tip: Take the path on the shelf, you must be faster!

Challenge 5.1: At the other end of the floor you can enter into another room now through a hole in the wall where you have to defuse 3 bombs. In one of the 4 cases there is no bomb.

Tip: This is when you move sequentially, third box, which can boast not a bomb. Instead run to the other end of the room, on the third box over and open this chest.

Challenge 6: then go all the way down. Because from there starts a Parkour, in which you need to back up and then go back down.

Challenge 7: Defeat 2 "Bolter". This break through a wall, behind which there is another room (as you can see on the mini map).

Challenge 8: Kill 5 "Bolter"

Challenge 9: Climb as fast as you can to the top. There you have the space end of another bomb to defuse. The second bomb is also high up, approximately in the center of the room, sideways, behind a railing.

Challenge 10: You have to re-prove your parkour skills. Make your way for, if possible, again far down.

Challenge 11: You have the gas tank in a kind of hole transport.

Tip: You can use a plateau to locate in the vicinity of the hole, after which you should drop the canister. From there, you can throw it in the hole.

Challenge 11.1: Under the hole you can now enter another room. Behind open a garage door.

Tip: Jump onto the yellow van and slip on the rope up to the elevators to the rear.

Challenge 12: While the elevator moves up, you must do a number Zombies

Challenge 13: You enter open terrain, from where you have to bring back a Parkour run behind you.

Tip: At the end of Parkours you are on a red container. Press the switch in front of you. In the container you will find a box with a Shotgun therein.

Challenge 14: Kill all "Bolter" within the time.

Challenge 15: Kill all the enemies and defuse a bomb. This is located within an area in which you can enter only when you crack the lock.

Challenge 16: Gather up a packet and bring the contents within the time prescribed for the shafts. The problem is that you get to do it with a lot of "suicides". Given away no time to them!

Challenge 17: It follows a tough run Parkour!

Challenge 18: defused two bombs! One is again within a closed building. Another is in a hanging in the air containiers, which you can again drop with a button.

Challenge 19: Kill in the given time all "Bolter"

Tip: It is of great advantage, if you still have ammunition for the shotgun.

Challenge 20: Kill 29 Infected and, quite possible "Bozak" itself.

Tip: Every now and then you get the chance to reach a destination, to gain time. This is sorely needed!