Empyrion Galactic Survival (PC) tips

Save Stamina

Who does not know that?

In the beginning before you have made the ship sail you have to go on foot, which can be a pain. Especially, because the endurance after about 400m is over and only loads when you stop. The moment then some cattle comes around the corner and you can not run away. Stuff is charging for Stamina also consumes scarce at the time and far too quickly.

Stop it! Anyone with a little tact comes with the given endurance kilometers wide and even has something left for battle.

Here's the trick:

Hold W (forward) and the spacebar (jump) down. Now the character hops like a rabbit through the area. Now, if you come up short on the floor in front of the shift (race) expresses he runs short, jump back and is up to 13 km / h. normal reindeers are approximately 9 km / h.

If you press Shift at the right timing can be so very wide Plug fairly quickly and put back without consuming a lot of perseverance. With a little practice you manage NEN kilometers without the bar is scratched.

Attention if downhill from a speed of 16 km / h use the case of damage and you injured in the crash. On the straight but the trick is unbeatable.