Evoland 2 (PC) walkthrough

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder walkthrough

Between The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy

Welcome to Evoland 2 walkthrough. Evoland 2 is a role playing game that leads you through the history of video games and lots of references to old classics constitutes. Some of these are:

- The Legend of Zelda (1987)
- Final Fantasy
- Super Metroid
- Professor Layton and the Curious Village
- Mega Man
- Bomberman
- Street Fighter 2

A Hero Wakes

Evoland 2 is taught in a small tutorial. First you walk to the right, then left again and look just up and down. Run up afterwards where some bushes block the path - time for a few sword blows. Then do your first opponent and listens to the following dialog.

After the sequence you awaken to a new optical robe in a house where a green haired girl, Fina welcomed. You lost your memories. Fina recommends you go into the woods, where her father has found you. So leave the house. The exit of the village is north-west, but you need a sword to leave the village. Go to the equipment shop where the seller does not have a sword for you, but tells you where you might find one - namely in an abandoned house north-east. To get this you need a key to the old man pole, the fishing on the southern river. Speak to him and help in his mystery. If you follow the fishing line from the hook, you will quickly discover that the right solution no. 4. As a reward you will receive the key to the old house. There you will find some great obstacles an ancient sword.

With the sword you leave the village and go to the world map on the boreal forest. Here it is important to defeat blobs and fungi. The path is very linear and leads you directly to Fina, which is surrounded by mushrooms - help her! Fina will give you a name and want to help you more deeply to get into the forest. With Fina you can charge a special attack that you need right when you get back run off. There you should notice tendril that manages her with this attack out of the way. After another opponent grapes reached your destination where you can find some demons. The demons give the guardian of the forest - a boss battle awaits!

The guard has two attacks:

Bombs that are divided into four diagonally-flying projectiles
Ramming attack, you should keep distance

The fight should not be too difficult. If necessary you can defeat even with the Fina. Until the display is charging again, you have to dodge the attacks.

After the fight examine the strange column and travel back in time.

Spelbuk Forest & Grizzly Pass

You must leave the forest on the eastern route. If you have arrived at the river, skin the tree around and push it into the river, so you can cross this. A little later, wait for a similar passage with two tree trunks. Shift the upper trunk to the right into the river and the bottom up, so that you destroy the blockade. With Fina you destroy the vine and push a further strain in the river. Now you should be able to leave the forest without any problems.

On the world map you go to Fina’s village where you note that it does not exist. From an angler you learn that you are in your past. Leave the village to the east again, mak you way to the Grizzly Pass.

Follow the path and do the bears and spiders, until you come to a cave entrance. Get inside and you come left out again. Try it with the same passage and you are on the right side. Now again choose the same passage and you find yourself back on the upper level. Run up the left stairs to activate a switch and then passes through the passage which has opened right.

Now you can see on the right on the wall a few tears - there is another passage. In order to open it you must examine previously gears right and activate the two switches to the Fina special. The stone blocks block the attack, the trees don’t. Once you have done that, you pass through the new passage.

Again you have to activate two switches. Here you can always reach only the switch on the opposite side of the river. Have you done that, again open a passage.

Save from now and destroy the left stone. If you follow the road, a shower of stone comes up to you, where you have to dodge. In the next area you'll see a switch in the middle - if you activate this appear a lot of enemies that you must defeat.

Next, you hit a mammoth, it pushes a Fina aside. Above are two more. The right it pushes upwards and the left downwards. Link is a region with a box, from there, you push the left mammoth right. Then you go up through the passage and can push the right mammoth left. The blocking passage is now free.

Another mammoth mystery awaits: Move only times the two mammoths away next to you. Below you can see three ground switches and three mammoths. Push the bottom up and to the left, then left to right. You push the third to the left, so that in the upper row two stand side by side. You push the left down and the next left. Almost finished - now only push the right mammoth left and the new passage open.

Defeat the following opponents until you meet a girl who is being pursued by soldiers. She flees and leaves you with those alone.