Fallout Shelter: earn Bottle Caps (currency)

There are numerous possibilities to earn bottle caps (currency) in fallout shelter. Especially at the beginning of the vault simulation it looks bleak in the account and money is a scarce resource. In our guide, we how you how you can quickly earn bottle caps and so can always meet the needs of your residents.

As usual in the Fallout series bottle caps represents the currency. This payment means buying before the new premises and take upgrades. We introduce you to the ways by which you can quickly earn money in fallout shelter.

Fallout Shelter: Earn Bottle Caps 

Bottle caps you can buy in the form of lunch boxes for real money. Because in every lunch box there is a larger amount of game currency included.

Meet Targets

Regularly look at the mission list and adjust your activities target attainment in to earn various rewards such as experience points, lunchboxes or just a lot of bottle caps.

Wasteland Expeditions

Outside the Vault there is to collect valuable resources. The dangers lurk everywhere there though, but if you equip your residents in advance with armor and weapons, they usually come with full pockets again. Besides Bottle caps, this wave experience points and new equipment as a reward. This you can sell as long as you do not need, and for the same face value. However, the risk of losing a resident is always there in the Droughtlands.

Money by Level Rises

Make sure that your Vault inmates have always something to do, because working through and you get experience points and other activities to increase the level regularly. Each climb will be rewarded with a moderate amount of bottle caps.

Use the Tempo Mode

By using the speed mode you'll get no money, but it speeds up workflow properly, resulting in faster more experience points and bottle caps. Hook in the matter is the risk of accidents with every use. This is previously specified in a screen with a percentage value. With a risk of about 30 percent you should definitely consider using good, otherwise it may result in accidents and fires.

Daily Reports

Your efforts are held daily in a daily report, in which it will be judged with grade and percentage of your abilities. It gets your performance also an amount to your bottle caps account. The report finds in the same window as your goals.