Fallout Shelter (iOS / Android) Unlock Mr. Handy

With the patch 1.1 from the Fallout 3 known robot butler Mr. Handy integrated into the game. You have several options to unlock the faithful domestic helper. How this works, you read in the following articles.

Mr. Handy is why so useful because it automatically collects resources like food, water and energy for you. Thus you no longer need to do this work. In addition, you send him on wasteland expeditions or use him as a defense for enemy attacks.

Purchase Mr. Handy in-game store

In Fallout Shelter there is a game store where you can buy the auxiliary robot for 1.07 euros - in five-pack you pay 4.31 euros. This is the easiest and fastest way to win Mr. Handy for your Vault.

But beware: You have to spend 2,000 bottle caps for repair works.

Do you want to waste a virtual capital? there is a second option to unlock the character.

Unlock Mr. Handy via Lunchbox

Who wants to save real money, buy lunchboxes In these packages you get random items, weapons, outfits and characters.

You need a lot of patience to get one such food parcels. The robot is in fact a very rare item.

Rumor: Find Mr. Handy in the wasteland

Rumors: Some players were found Mr. Handy during a wasteland expedition. However, this is not confirmed.

If you have also found the robot helper in the wasteland, please feel free to send us a tip.