Fallout Shelter (iPhone/ iPad) Equipment / Legendary Dwellers

Equipment of the legendary Dwellers

The particular residents in your Vault come with special equipment. Among them has any (with few exceptions) a weapon with legendary stage, as well as individual clothing.

Below you will find the equipment for the legendary inhabitants:

Abraham Washington Lincoln's Repeater Professor outfit
Allistair Tenpenny Victory Rifle Tenpenny's Suit
Amata Lone Wanderer Vault Suit
Bittercup - Bittercup's Outfit
Butch Lone Wanderer Tunnel Snakes' outfit
Colonel Autumn Smuggler's End Autumn's Uniform
Confessor Cromwell - Confessor Cromwell's Rags
Dr. Li - Expert Lab Coat
Elder Lyons Smuggler's End Elder Robe
Eulogy Jones Black Hawk Eulogy Jones' Suit
Harkness Infiltrator Heavy Battle Armor
James Wild Bill's sidearm Expert Lab Suit
Jericho Infiltrator Heavy Leather Armor
Three Dog - Three Dog's Outfit
Lucas Simms Infiltrator Sheriff's Duster
Moira Brown - Expert Jumpsuit
Mr. Burke Wild Bill's sidearm Lucky Formal Wear
Preston Garvey Laser Musket Minuteman Uniform
Star Paladin Cross Smuggler's End T-51F Power Armor
Sarah Lyons Wazer Wifle T-51F Power Armor
Reginald Rothchild Lone Wanderer Scribe Rothchild's Robe

Legendary Dwellers

NameLevelStrengthPerceptionPerseveranceCharismaIntelligenceMobility Happiness
Abraham Washington342866846
Allistair Tenpenny372929729
Butch35576956 2
Colonel Autumn364659556
Confessor Cromwell307478635
Dr. Li294667944
Elder Lyons32433993 9
Eulogy Jones38565854 7
584794 3
Jericho31868237 6
Three Dog33446955 7
Lucas Simms25598556 2
Moira Brown25483875 5
Mr. Burke
474692 8
Preston Garvey
398656 3
Star Paladin Cross44784846 3
Sarah Lyons20868655 2
Reginald Rothchild30656945 5

All legendary residents (excluding Bittercup, Confessor Cromwell, Dr. Li and Moira) come with legendary firearms in your Vault.