Fallout Shelter (iPhone) Raider attacks

Not only friendly-minded contemporaries find your vault and want to join you. Even groups of raiders (looters) are entering now and then in your vault and try to make rich pickings there. So that does not happen or is terminated lightly for you we have written some tips here.

A Raider attack will not go unnoticed by equip. You will definitely receive a message that your Raider Vault approach. That leaves you a little time to build up your defense.

- The Vault Door

Your first line of defense. It keeps the Raider but only for a moment - unfortunately it can not prevent attack. With better configuration levels (500 and 2000 Capsules) keeps them from more, so that your defense can form longer.

- Your Vault Dweller

Your Vault Dweller defend itself automatically. Except frequently seek pregnant women and children. All other residents face with everything they have the raiders in the way. This of course means that the most heavily armed Vault Dweller should always send the raiders behind.


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