The Farming Simulator 16 for Android and iOS offers more than 40 different vehicles, harvesting equipment such as cultivators, harvesters and mowing attachments. Here, more than 20 well-known manufacturers of agricultural equipment have made move to licensing. They include, among others, New Holland, Amazone, MAN, Horsch, crown and Lamborghini.

LS 15: All Vehicles at a Glance

The vehicles differ in tractors and cars. Since it will not be more than one tractor, the log loader PONSSE and a car in Farming Simulator 16 but in all probability, we have listed the loader to the tractor under the tractor short.

Tractors / Cars

Manufacturer Model

Case IH Puma 160

Case IH Magnum 380

Hürlimann H 488

Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT

New Holland T8.320

Same Fortis 190

Steyr Multi 4115

Mand TGS 18.440

Ponsse Buffalo

Lizard Pickup Truck

LS 16: All Harvesting Equipment Overview

Manufacturer Model

Case IH Axial-Flow 7130

Crown Big X 1100

Crown CR10.90

Ponsse Scorpionking

Sampia Rosenlew Comia C6


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