Farming Simulator 16: Vehicles, Harvesting machinery and equipment

The Farming Simulator 16 for Android and iOS offers more than 40 different vehicles, harvesting equipment such as cultivators, harvesters and mowing attachments. Here, more than 20 well-known manufacturers of agricultural equipment have made move to licensing. They include, among others, New Holland, Amazone, MAN, Horsch, crown and Lamborghini.

LS 15: All Vehicles at a Glance

The vehicles differ in tractors and cars. Since it will not be more than one tractor, the log loader PONSSE and a car in Farming Simulator 16 but in all probability, we have listed the loader to the tractor under the tractor short.

Tractors / Cars

Manufacturer Model

Case IH Puma 160

Case IH Magnum 380

Hürlimann H 488

Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT

New Holland T8.320

Same Fortis 190

Steyr Multi 4115

Mand TGS 18.440

Ponsse Buffalo

Lizard Pickup Truck

LS 16: All Harvesting Equipment Overview

Manufacturer Model

Case IH Axial-Flow 7130

Crown Big X 1100

Crown CR10.90

Ponsse Scorpionking

Sampia Rosenlew Comia C6