Feist (PC) walkthrough

Welcome to the complete solution to Feist. Here you learn how you complete the ten levels of the game. The sections are relatively short, but not always easy.

Table of Contents

- After a Long Night
- A Picnic
- Tools of the Woods
- Down by the Lake
- A Bad Hair Day
- Dwellers in the Dark
- Trespassing
- All Good Comes from Above
- Ruins of the Past
- Playing with Fire End

Level / Part - 1 After a long night

After the small initial sequence, can be found locked you in a box again. Use the analog stick (or the directional keys), to sever the rope at the left branch. Thus you use the jump button to let fall down the steep slope the box - you are free at last.

The first level shows you the basic elements of the game. In addition to running and jumping you can also:

- Pick up and throw objects such as sticks or pine cones (or beat) to defeat opponents
- Items such as boxes or rock push to convey to the desired position

Once you have delivered, you come out of the box, run and jump as far to the right until you find the first enemy. If the enemy stings, you hide under the best mushroom hut. If you hit plugging, can eat mosquitoes, to heal. Eat three mosquitoes same from a hit.

Overcome the following opponents until you are in pine cone place. Try throw directly at the next sting caterpillar. A little later you will find another caterpillar that has further positioned above right on the edge. To make room, you throw it with a pin and bounce past quickly. Also note that you can move to the branches of the fir trees.

Last but not least you will find a stone that you have positioned to jump high. After a few more meters, the first section ends.

Level / Part - 2 A Picnic

Run to the right and jump over the first bead. In the second arrived, you see that this has already been killed by arrows. A little later, you see also the reason for this: an established event. Touch the rope of the case briefly and run quickly to the left under the tree trunk.

Take up there with the pine cones and run to the right - again a trap. Imagine at the edge of the cliff, jump up and throw in traps the pin in the case of pure. If all goes well, you will not hit and can happen.

After the next bead, you jump on the branch of fir tree in order to reach the higher level. Repeat at the branch where the two caterpillars - but beware: the wooden beams begins to teeter when you jump top. So hurry up. From the road you jump right to the next and thus arrive at the higher level.

Now follow two traps. The first time you have to be careful that when skipping the bead, the wooden beams do not wind into the trap. The second case you can cause yourself by push the wooden beams and so does the caterpillar in front of you.

Run to the right and mark you the case under the thick tree trunk on the walk because you have to be right back. For around a campfire you discover a Monster. Theoretically, you can beat it with sticks and cones. As the number but not enough here remains only the case of flat. Give the monsters with the wooden floor and walk to the left under the tree trunk. Just wait until the monster on the appropriate place is and solve the case.

Level / Part - 3 A picnic Tools of the Woods (Over hill and dale)

As the level previously found here at first a few traps. While you jump on the first, you use the second best, to do the flying enemies. After that you will find a large stone, which is stabilized by two sticks. Remove the poles (does any opponent) and roll the stone with swing to the right. Use the stone as a stepping aid to reach the higher level.

The following passage offers many opponents. It is intended that you use the numerous sticks and cones to fight.

It becomes interesting again, if you take a fly to target and shoot with spine. Holt the fly out of the air and pick it up. By pressing the push button, you can now even shoot spine (what he next level will be important).

A little later, you discover another monster. Defeat would be an option, but not necessary here. You can also just walk away - at a certain point, you no longer pursue the monster.

To overcome the following steep walls, you need the barnacles hanging on the trees. If you throw a burr on the wall, they will stick and you can jump on and reach the next level. In the second wall two barnacles are needed where you have to throw accurately to the first second. Then also this section ends.

Level / Part - 4 Down by the lake

As indicated in the last level, in this level flying have a major role - "exchange of fire" with the stubborn beasts. To grab a fly, you will bring them the best with a stick of air. But it is also possible to fly to grab directly from the air. With the push button you can then shoot spines.

A fly can withstand two hits. If you have landed a hit, is right after and flits about the place where the fly fell down to put a second sting.

So are you getting through the path until you find another monster. Against this you can use, or logs that lying around there and the Flying sting. Again, it is not mandatory to defeat the monster, but running away is not so simple. You have on the right side one or two logs of wood on top of each other to reach the higher level. A little later, ending the level.

Level / Part - 5 A bad Hair day

After you've covered in the forest a few meters, you will be presented a new enemy: an annoying thorn-throwing cutworm. Unlike the fly, keep cutworms from only one hit. Fittingly, buzzing in this level also flying around - grab one and fight with sting.

It lends itself to all cutworms defeat because even outside of the image fly their sting abundant and far can you be undoing.

Cut the rope with a sting or just jump over it - this is also true for the following cases. It is tricky, if you find a trap, both on the lower and on the upper level. Left and right it is to do the cutworms. After you solve the best with a bow tie or a throw objects from the upper case.

Later you swing to the wooden beams, jump on it and from there further to the right in order to achieve the higher level. Then grab a wooden floor and stand on the mast below the rope which is pulled through the trees. Beat the rope with a stick to make it to teeter somewhat. So you can jump on the rope and reach the right level of the higher of the mast.

You will meet again on a monster that is acting more unpredictable than the others because it can teleport. Fleeing does not go this time, you have to defeat it mandatory. Operates as usual and throws the logs after the monster. If it comes too close to you, is getting ready to jump and let it run through among you. If you don’t succeed the battle, there is the stone - Method: Grab a fat stone and hammered on the throw button. You throw away the stone and now on so fast that it looks, you would beat all the time. If you are lucky, you done the monster without problems.

After the vibration you jump on the log that comes fallen from above and runs to the end of level.

Level / Part - 6 Dwellers in the Dark

You enter into a dark mine where annoying spider is waiting. Run to the right until you find a wooden box - this pushes you to the right in the depth (not the upper path to take).

In the pit you will reach a little further up the hanging crate thanks to the box. You have now through the right passage, it is obstructed but with another box. You must wait until the local spiders move the crate - until that happens, it is the spider in the pit to avoid.

Run the next dark corridor as far to the right (once not down) until you reach a boulder. The rocks you have left in the depth slide, but be careful, because you will followed by spiders. With the rocks you can, the spider rolls flat - the rock must not, however, roll too fast. Thanks to the rock you can reach the top level.

In the next area you will find some foliage hill that you need to use as a springboard to get to the upper level. For this you press each at the right moment the jump button to jump always a little higher until you reach the required height.

A little later you lock a cutworm. Let's you run just to the left and to bring you a stone. Have you done the caterpillar, can be found two in the next section. After that even this level is over.

Level / Part - 7 Trespassing

Still in the mine you run right and jump to the hanging box. It would be advantageous to push the crate. Commute the box sufficient you jump off at the right time and reaches the right passage.

In the next wooden bridge you will find a few wooden sticks. Use all and do a few spiders. Now run to the right. If you attach to jump pixel accuracy, you can achieve the hanging crate in the middle and so quickly reach the next area. If that does not succeed, you need the second box which is pushed down by the spiders. Because it's too dangerous to wait there so long, you run to the right. From the ground spring up two cutworms. Hide behind the crate and push them as far forward until the passage is blocked to you. The spiders are trying to get through to you - here you now help the cutworms that eliminate the spines spiders. If all spiders dead, you push the crate close to the front bead, so that the rear caterpillar shoots the front. Now run back to the hanging box. Since the second case is now below, you can finally get the right to pass through.

A little later you reach a suspension bridge that brings you to the paddles by a few jumps - so you reach the level above.

On another bridge you get a monster contrary - jump over and run to the right. Pick up on the way the sticks and a few punches. At the end you will find stones to use, because the monster must be defeated. If it does not work with targeted throws and jumps, maybe helps the stone - Method: Hammering with a stone in his hands on the throw button. You throw away the stone and now on so fast that it looks, you would beat all the time. If you are lucky, you done the monster so without problems.

After the vibration you leave through the right passage.

Level / Part - 8 All good comes from Above

The vibration of up is continuing and the mine collapses. To master safe passage, it is best use prudently. Stick around step by step, until the rocks have fallen to the ground in order to traverse the mine safely.

Once outside is declining sharply. Of course, you still sit the rolling rocks in the neck. It depends a little on luck. Even if it does not work on the first try, this place should be closed sooner or later without any problems. Thereafter, the level ends.

Level / Part - 9 Ruins of the past

In this level you follow strange balls of light, the opponent burn when touched conveniently. To ward off the bullets can use stick - after repeated hitting with a stick, a ball dissolves.

When you reach the big rock, it pushes it to the wall. From the rock you jump to the edge of the cliff, then continue on the road to the left and then to the right in order to overcome the hill again.

A little later, you block other rock face the passage. The only thing left of the way through the branches of the fir trees, but beware of the spiders and the balls of light that have it in for you. Since the branches are not always achieve immediate, use your weight or the opponent to bring the branches for rockers. You can also hit with a stick to the branches.

This can be done for a while so on, until you reach two monsters. To help you fight, you sprint to the right, where you encounter a third monster. Jump over and run to the right, because there you will find two traps. So that you can eliminate two monsters. The leftover monsters should now be no problem.

Level / Part - 10 Playing with Fire End

In the last level you have it again to do with light balls and spiders - as retaining deep chasms. The first pit can still be easily skip. In the third and fourth pit you have the crate hanging in the center to use as a stop.

In the pit with the two hanging boxes you jump to the first plan and then waits until a ball of light cut through the rope at the second box, so you can jump further to the right.

After that you will find directly back a hanging crate. Jump on it and then direct the light balls to you so that they cut through the rope. Push (not push) the box carefully to the edge. So you can reach the hanging crate in the middle and overcome the abyss.

In the next pit makes a case the crossing impossible. You have left out of the cave out lure a spider and this lead in the case. Then you jump to start over the pit.

The following path is peppered with other traps, which should not be a big obstacle, however. Later comes another leap passage where you have to wait for the light balls burned the flying enemies.

After that is also survived, you can expect the last monster and origin of the light balls. For the battle you should definitely equip with a stick and the balls of light to strike back. After a hard ping pong battle exempt your peers and see flicker on your screen credits.

Feist is played out!