Final Fantasy 15: features at a glance

Final Fantasy 15 (FF15) is the latest installment in the popular Final Fantasy series from Square Enix and likely to appear in 2016. Nevertheless, we already have some information about the features of the new Final Fantasy title to the Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum.

Final Fantasy 15 will eventually appear in 2016 and will be different from the recent Final Fantasy series. Reason: Final Fantasy 15 set in sub-universe Fabula Nova Crystallis, a rather gloomy multiverse, the stylistically similar to Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy typo 0. But except for the rather gloomy and adult look to Final Fantasy 15 have nothing in common with the other games.

Final Fantasy 15: Features - Prince-Porsche and wandering monsters

Final Fantasy 15 will play on a huge, contiguous land that you are allowed to travel freely and according to the developers. But that Noctis and his prince, they cruise befitting with swanky Prince-body called Regalia (means something like Insignia, so signs of royal dignity) by the Botany. The black chic either can you control yourself or your faithful friend and Ignis Stupeo Scientia, driver behind the wheel.

Alternatively, you can also travel comfortably on the train, where you can also move freely and so, for example, depend in the dining car or look at the driver’s position on the shoulder. But not only Noctis is very mobile in Final Fantasy 15t. The monsters are not invisible random events, but actively running around in the area and go by their natural behavior. At night even critters from the dungeons come crawling out and go hunting! So if you are stupid such a beast comes in the way, there is a fight.

Prince-Solo in the fight

When it comes to a fight, you can only control Prince Noctis himself. You can just give orders to the other party members. Furthermore only Noctis can make as magical incantations of mighty hero being called Archeans. You must defeat these critters. Unlike previous Final Fantasy titles fights are not static and turn-based but action-packed real-time battles, where you need quick reflexes.

However, the fighting should not degenerate into desolate buttons hammers, but skill and presuppose. The struggles of the main action should be fairly intuitive to master, but further quests and tasks offer more of a challenge. For beckons as a reward much more loot.

Modern Times

In Final Fantasy 15 you are in a modern environment. Therefore, you will find cars, trains, firearms and other examples of high technology. Furthermore, prevail in the Final Fantasy 15 World also medieval structures, for example, in the less developed regions. There you will also find people who fight with swords or wear armor. And the black chocobo is always in every game in the series!

Furthermore, the game world includes all sorts of elements of our world. For example, the Piazza San Marco or the Basilica of Venice and the main entertainment district Shinjuku from Tokyo. In this world you can move freely, and both climb mountains and swim. Furthermore, there will be dynamic day and night cycles.

The sleeping Prince

In cities, it is usually not a problem to get a hotel, but in the wilderness Noctis and his troop camp must open. The camping trip is more than just a cheap way of regeneration. Rather, you need your beauty sleep in order to use the previously collected experience points.

Furthermore, your friend Ignis is not only driver and strategy consultant but also the chef of the group! Therefore, he will conjure up in the camp sort of ingredients a delicious time. Be higher cooking level, the better it tastes and the higher the falling buffs and bonuses from the lining. Interest bonuses are very valuable, but vanish if you don’t regularly engaged.

All features of Final Fantasy 15 at a glance

- Action Combat System in Real Time.
- Only Prince Noctis controllable.
- Prince troupe includes bodyguards Gladiolus, strategists Ignis and bullies Prompto.
- Only Noctis can perform exorcisms.
- Huge, coherent world.
- Wandering monsters come at night crawled out of their holes.
- Prince-body Regalia freely controllable.
- Players can drive train and move freely.
- Modern world with scenes from our world.
- Chocobos!
- Gloomy world and story.
- Characters must regularly rest and eat to obtain maximum combat readiness and to use experience points.