Find all 10 Optional Photos of Life is Strange Episode 4

 All 10 Optional Photo Locations of Life is Strange Episode 4

In Life Is Strange, game for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 , Xbox One and PC, the player follows the story of Max, photography student has the power to turn back time. There are chapters, the total of 10 optional pictures that release hidden achievements and trophies in the game. Follow the tutorial to get all the optional images of the fourth episode of Life is Strange:

Tip: If you want to get the pictures without help, you can be guided by the empty album Max it, designs with tips of what to look take the place of future images. If you end the chapter with some not found picture, the game offers Collectible mode, which allows the user to play again for the collectibles, but without changing decisions.

Photo 1. Once again the alternate reality, approach Chloe to the option to shoot from behind. This is the first image of the episode.

Photo 2. After talking to Chloe, you need to go down to the garage. Approach the door to find a bird's nest protected by a board. Remove the object to photograph the young.

Photo 3. Once back to Blackwell Academy, go straight the way to find some stones stacked in the corner of the garden. Just approach and capture the image.

Photo 4. In the same place, look for the seat occupied by Samuel janitor and talk to him about the behavior of animals in the region. After the dialogue, it will spread food on the lawn and a squirrel will approach. To attract the second animal required for the photo, use the food left by Samuel on the bench. When the two rodents are close, the image may be captured.

Photo 5. As you enter the dormitory of the boys, turn right and go to the window to capture the fifth image.

Photo 6. Soon after arriving to the beach with Chloe, look for whales beached on the right. By focusing on one of them, you can shoot.

Photo 7. Upon arriving at the farm barn, go quickly on the left to find a bird on the fence. If he fly before you get the shot, just use the powers to turn back time to ensure second chance.

Photo 8. During the investigation in the barn, so Chloe offer help, ask for help go up to the mezzanine. Upon arriving at the highest part of the site, go to the bottom to find an owl and take the eighth shot.

Photo 9: As you enter the party Vortex Club, turn right and look at the moon through the window. Although the picture is marked as the tenth shot in the list of trophies and achievements, it is easier to get it out before the ninth.

Photo 10: Still at the party, into the bathroom in front of the VIP wing. You can find Justin aligned with a skeleton design on the wall, and complete the list of images of the episode.

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