Goat Simulator - bonus points guide

Goat Simulator gives you bonus points for certain actions with your goat. And each of worn disfigured the goat world, the more points you get! We show you detailed list of actions for bonus points in Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator - Bonus Points - How do I get points?

Goat actions resulting from its objects jostle in the game world, good cheer with the horns or around grinds with its sticky tongue. It can build on actions that bring even more points for more clearance and collateral damage to its whole chains.

Bonus - Points

As already mentioned, you have all sorts of things with your goat in the game world. Then there are the given bonus points. Mostly it is sufficient to visit inaccessible or particularly wacky places and to impress with your goat. The table below shows all known sources of bonus points in the Goat Simulator.

NameDescription Points Profit
A Goat Among LegendsStep into the building of the Coffee Stain Studios. 1000
Demolition DerbyDestroy a moving car by shoehorned a thick object in its path. 2000
Do Not HarmDamage five minutes nothing! 2000
Daily routineGo into the outhouse at Goat fight ring. 1000
EPIC !!! 111ONEONESpin you out of the rat race and end up without anything touching on the trampoline. 300
FlapLet yourself be by the swirling blade above meet the low-gravity testing ground. 100
F**k the Police! - Breaking and Entering!Jump through the hole in the fence outside the low-gravity test site. 100
Hit by TruckWill run over by a truck. 150
Hit by CarLet yourself run over by a blue car. 100
It's A Trap!Let you kidnap in the crop circles of aliens. 2000
Jetpack!Create a jetpack. 400
Like ZlatanShoehorn the basketball into the goal in low-gravity testing ground. 100
Like BaggioTowed behind the basketball goal in low-gravity testing ground. 1
Michal BayDestroy the gas station! 2000
Owned by HillbillyLet yourself go on the field from the orange car. 120
Party CrasherVersaut the Party of the People! 1000
Power PitcherHolt the trap out of the cage. 1000
Reach for the StarsFlying higher than the telephone cable. 2000
Space GoatEnter the air ducts in the low-gravity test site. 500
Super Secret TunnelRun through the ring on the goat's playground. 50
The Wonder of ScienceFall in the antigravity pit on the hill above the round drifting car. 1000
TreadmillingRunning in the treadmill in the house, which is closest to the goat's playground. 100
Wee !! Fireworks!Blow to do fireworks. 500