Learn how to play Flight Pilot Simulator 3D for Andriod

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is a flight simulator video game for Android and iOS. In the game, the player is a pilot who must complete board the objectives of several different aircraft. The movement is coordinated through smartphone or tablet screen movements. And to help these missions, the we prepared a tutorial for you to learn the basic commands, how to level up and some tips to make the most of this fun title. Check out:


The mechanics of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is very simple and the game uses very few commands. To turn the plane, simply press the lever located on the right side of the screen and tilt the smartphone or tablet up, down or side. The controls are very sensitive and the aircraft's actions are performed with the device of the movement.

Menu and interface

The game interface is also very simple and organized. On the first screen, you will find the game settings and packages of aircraft that can be purchased with real money. In the same menu, there is also information on the level, number of stars and the amount of money you have in the game.

By clicking on "Fly" takes you to another screen where you can choose missions to fulfill. To play, click the task and then "OK". Then select or purchase an aircraft available in the list to start the drive.


The game has several missions, each with goals, levels and different prizes. The game starts with the beginner tasks, however, more are unlocked when you evolve. By completing goals, you gain experience and money to buy more powerful aircraft, and equipped with new skills.

Buy aircraft

Pilot Flight Simulator 3D has vast catalog of airplanes and you can buy them in two ways: with the game currency or through micro-transactions, with real money (in dollars). You can check the price and skills of model airplanes in the right corner of the screen.

The aircraft can always be bought before starting a new mission. They have speed, space and different abilities, depending on the model. So you can assemble unique strategies in time to complete the objectives.


Another way to make money or exclusive aerial vehicles is to try your luck in the lottery. In the missions menu, click "Lottery Spin" for bonuses and prizes. You can get coins packages, airplanes and special abilities. To gain new Lottery tickets, simply level up. However, you can also buy them with real money (in dollars).