Learn how to play new Angry Birds 2 (iOS / Android)

After a huge success of the Rovio’s popular game Angry Birds, the epic follow-up, Angry Birds 2, brings an adventure that can introduce original elements to the gameplay and at the same time remain familiar to everyone who already know the series. In this tutorial, we will show you how to play the new chapter of Angry Birds.

How to play Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is a physics game, like its predecessors, in which your goal is to eliminate green pigs and destroy their buildings to throw birds against them. The layers are arranged on a map and may have various areas within it, each with different constructions you need to overturn.


Throw - Tap the bird in the slingshot and drag it back
Move Camera - Touch the screen and drag
Enable ability - Touch the screen when your bird is in the air
Cancel pitch - Reduce the sling tension and release
Changing bird - Play the cards lower left
Accelerate results - Play the two-arrow icon in the lower right corner
Zoom In - Touching two points on the screen and push them
Zoom Out - Touch screen two points and bring them closer

Lives and Jewels

The main mechanics of Angry Birds 2 is your lives and jewelry system. You start the game with five lives and lose one each time unable to complete a stage. Every 30 minutes you get an extra life, so be patient. If you don’t want to wait, you can buy more lives using jewelry. Sometimes you can make lives watching videos, but the option is not always available.

The jewels are also useful to prevent loss of life. Whenever you cannot eliminate all the pigs of a stage, you can buy a new attempt with a few dozens of jewelry. By spending your jewelry and complete the stage, you can avoid losing a life. Jewelry can be obtained during the adventure or bought in exchange for real money.

Birds and Skills

Before you start throwing your birds, you can choose which one you want to send first. Simply click on the cards in the lower left corner. Each has different skills that can be the difference between defeat pigs or lose a life.

Red (Red) - Tap it in the air to emit the War Cry, a red wave that pushes blocks
Blue (Blue) - Tap the screen to separate them. Effective against ice blocks
Chuck (Yellow) - Tap the screen to gain more power. Effective against wood blocks
Matilda (White) - Tap the screen to throw an explosive egg down and fly in the air
Silver (Grey) - Touch the screen for it to do a loop and attack down
Bomb (Black) - Touch the screen so that it explodes or wait a few moments after it stops
Terence (red, large) - Terence is heavy and break blocks with ease


Whenever you break something in the scenario you win some points for that. The Destruct O Meter rewards players that cause more damage in buildings pigs. When the bar in the upper right corner is filled, the player earns an extra card, which lets you use another bird on stage.


In some stages, you can use special powers to help eliminate the pigs, but they don’t work at all stages. When the option is available you will have the chance to buy them before entering the stage wearing jewelry.

Check out what each one does

Golden duck - Rains golden ducks causing damage everywhere
Blizzard - Turns all ice blocks, making them fragile
Chilli Pepper - Turns a pig on a time bomb
Inflator Pig - Turns all pigs in bubbles that burst easily
Mighty Eagle - The eagle of the other games is back destroying everything in its path


Eventually, you have to face heads, larger pigs that have their own power bars and are quite sturdy. You can try to attack them directly, throw things on them and push them against TNT, but the best strategy is still knocking them out of the picture.

Find the weak spots

Almost all structures built by pigs have a point fraco.Com, the player can destroy them completely with a pitch positioned in the right place with an efficient bird against that stuff. TNT also search boxes, for its outbursts can destroy many blocks.

Abuse the special skills of the each bird. Red, for example, structures can easily topple over and cause other constructions, so major damage. The new Silver Bird is easier to smash by stones than Chuck or Blue, use it to your advantage.