Lords of the Fallen PC: Boss guide

Welcome to our boss guide for Lords of the Fallen ! We show you here how you killed the numerous bosses of action RPGs and emerged victorious from the demanding battles. In addition, we always give a brief overview of the process of the encounter in writing.
The first guardian

The First Guardian (The Keeper)

The first boss fights with sword and shield against you. His strokes draw you from a lot of life energy or energy if you block. In addition, there are four phases in the fight. At each new phase gets rid of the first guardian of one of his pieces of armor. Wait circle and his combo, proven itself as a tactic.


The second boss of Lords of the Fallen is waiting with a large shield and sword on you. However, he has a few more tricks on the box. From time to time he is ramming his shield into the ground. Initially escapes the pressure wave by something is further away from him and then beat on him repeatedly until he gets to gain. Take them calmly and then turn you back to the boss. Make sure that you will not get caught by his magical shields.


In the Graveyard of the third boss fight takes place. Here awaits the worshiper - a sickle wielding giant - on you. His melee attacks can block or walk around there and then land a few hits. If he raises his weapon over his head, you must move some distance. Upon impact, a blue mist is released, which makes dazed you for a short time. It shall take you a definite time.

If the giant in his knees, conjuring, you have to ask quickly in one of the crypts. Just as you can bang and thus escape the enormous damage. In addition, the worshiper invokes some helpers. This you can safely ignore. The Boss is already worry about his sickle itself. Another important tip: Lured worshipers to a crypt and he destroys them with his ramming attack, he is dazed for a short time.


The Infiltrator is a giant spider-like creature in Lords of the Fallen. In addition, you will be removed from near the blue stream in the middle continually Mana. That leaves more to the outer edge of the arena, if you want to use your spells. Now go pretty close to the Infiltrator zoom and runs tightly around him. Because his legs are a little higher, you can through the gap under it. So it differs from the first blow of the triple combo, can block the second and land some punches after the escape of the third. This little game you simply repeated until the second phase begins.

Then the Infiltrator throws in some intervals little balls on the ground. After a short time at spider nest again heal him a bit. Now you have two options. Either you destroy the balls before he heals or you wait until he sits down and then beat. You will receive the second option continuously damage near the nests, the Infiltrator can also damage significantly. In addition, you have destroyed the option that nest from a distance with the Magic Glove (basement). Pro nest of Infiltrator gets so added about 100 points of damage. After the grueling battle you get the crystal of the traveler, you should give later the blacksmith. Don’t forget the Glaive Shas gather next to the next stairs, before you move on.


The Champion is a very nimble Rhogar and despite its size. He fights with two short blades. A special feature of the battle is the second bar below his life energy. This fills up every time he scores a hit or suffers damage. If is it fully, ignite his blade and he directed yet more damage to you.

In principle, two different tactics offer. The much simpler: your fires at him from a distance with magic and draw you back again and again. This will take quite a while, but is significantly safer than to compete with the giants in the melee. And that's the second option: Go into the melee. You can avoid his attacks by a fallback role thanks to the low range. Alternatively, you raise your shield and block them without losing a lot of perseverance. After his combination you can always land a few hits. Usually only once in heavy weapons. Change you best with the options from. Every time when he is in a rage, you remain at a distance and use ranged attacks. Then go into the melee. You will receive the Fist Weapon sting as a reward.


The Beast of Lords of the Fallen is a club-wielding troll who surprised you on the court, the judge. Also it has two bars. The lower represents his exhaustion. For each blow you land on it, it fills something. Here you can attack him but only at his heels. All other regions are outside your reach. If the display is fully charged orange, the giant to the ground and you can turn it on its head. There you cause significantly more damage, of course. Even magic helps against the giant. However, this does not count for exhaustion display. As a reward you get the Hammer of shame and some XP that can invest your checkpoint at the top of the stairs.