MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D-Dog Location and Skills

D-Dog is one of four buddies, the Big Boss can accompany on his missions in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. In the following guide, we show you where you can find the four-legged and what useful skills he has.

In MGS 5: The Phantom Pain you are inevitably no longer alone on the road, but are allowed on the optional use of accompanies D-Walker, D-Horse and D-Dog. The latter is a wild dog to be found on a mission with Big Boss. Where exactly and what skills brings D-Dog into battle, we tell you here.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: D-Dog Buddy Guide

Big Boss finds him as a puppy beside the body of his mother. After his rescue, you welcome him at the Mother Base. After a short time, the D-Dog is already grown and ready for use. Just like Big Boss carries an eye patch, because as you can see as puppies him already, his one eye missing.

Find your D-Dog

D-Dog or short DD can be found in Afghanistan. You can hear his bark near the puppy. Should you miss him, it's not a problem. Ocelot will contact you via radio and tell from quadruped. You'll find him in the south of Afghanistan map.

Once you close enough, he will come running towards you. You can then simply send him back to Mother Base using the Fulton Recovery System, where he is waiting for your return.

D-Dog Abilities

DD has a number of useful skills that are useful especially when unobserved approach.

This includes:

- When approaching an enemy camp, D-Dog automatically begins to highlight enemy and friendly NPC on the map. Even when they're out of sight, such as in buildings, are located.

- He also highlighted all the animals and plants. This helps you to gather resources or your wildlife collection.

- You can order him to bark, which attracted the attention of enemies within earshot. So you can draw in certain directions the attention of guards. Send DD simply to certain points and you command him to bark.

- With the ability, Keep Em Busy let the D-Dog attack a selected enemy. Although he may injure or kill any enemies, but he can distract and occupy and even attract the attention of other bystanders.

The more often you take the D-Dog on missions, the more the relationship with him. Once you reach the maximum, you get the achievement - Man's best friend.