MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: mother base guide

The Mother Base used in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain as the headquarters of Big Boss and the Diamond Dogs. This huge platform in the ocean returns after each mission and fills your resources on. This can take your full effect on the development, the management of staff and the development of equipment. In our Mother Base Guide we explain to you exactly how it works.

If you have played the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker or the Companion App to MGS 5: Ground Zeroes, you already have a good idea of the Mother Base. In The Phantom Pain you take more influence than ever before on the headquarters and you can even move freely on the huge platform. In our guide we tell you everything about the Mother Base.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: Mother Base Guide

The Mother Base is similar to a huge oil platform in the sea. It was destroyed by Skullface and his minions and now wants to be rebuilt it. Your task is to hire staff to expand it, so that you can earn in-game currency GMP (Gross Military Product). This you invest in researching new equipment and training of the units.

Construction of the Mother Base

Early in the game it has only the command platform of the Mother Base. From here, you can specialize yourself and expand your headquarters in different directions. Whether you, specialize in the latest equipment for missions, support on the battlefield or independent intervention is up to you. The expansion will cost time and money. The construction projects take from 30 minutes up in the game.

At the wherewithal for expanding you come out on top due to side operations that should be completed whenever they are available. In addition, you should on missions as often as possible using the Fulton Recovery System, because then you can acquire, for example, vehicles, weapons, containers and even soldiers as a resource for your Mother Base.

Recruit Staff

Good staff in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain is more important than the filthy lucre. They have extensive character values and have special strengths in different fields of research. There are in the recruitment and management of staff to observe the following points:

- The easiest way to get new soldiers and staff by kidnap on missions with Big Boss. To do this you use the balloons of the Fulton Recovery System. On the Mother Base these are then unceremoniously flipped and turned into soldiers of the Diamond Dogs.

- Check the soldiers in advance with your binoculars and checked their character values, so you can see whether the kidnapping worthwhile. This is important because you only have limited number of Fulton balloons on each mission there.

- A further possibility is recruitment of volunteers. Just send support team to look everywhere around the world for potential new recruits.

- Recruits can assign to the Mother Base based on their abilities or you abandon this task thanks to the automatic allocation of your buddy Kazuhira Miller.

The Platforms of the Mother Base

At your command platform you can connect other departments during the game. All perform a specific function and are occupied by your staff. The more new recruits you assign, the more often have to upgrade your command platform to increase your capacity. The following six platforms and departments are there in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain:

- R & D (Research and Development): Here you develop new weapons and equipment, which you can use on missions with Big Boss. The more people you allocate the more complex and more diverse are the sectors of research and of course it goes even faster new equipment to develop. In addition, there are separate department to improve the skills of your buddies.

- Combat units: Here is home to your best mercenaries for fighting. You may be able to send them outside to recruit new mercenaries to gather resources or to destroy the infrastructure of Soviet institutions. Your need on the platform both good fighters, diplomats and botanists.

- Base Development: here are collected resources and further developed. You should at least build such a platform to develop your Mother Base efficiently.

- Support: invested their upgrades in this department, you happy about replenishment in emissions or about air strikes. Support teams take care of the Fulton Recovery System, provide fire support, distractions and even help in translating languages.

- Information retrieval: can let develop complex blueprints and building plans. In addition, you supply the Intel department with useful information about the areas where you are currently active.

- Medical Department: wounded soldiers are treated here. In addition, collected herbs can be processed into healing items.

Individualization of the Mother Base

Although you can not influence how each platform will be built, but you must determine the predominant color to the Mother Base to give a personal touch.