MGS 5 Phantom Pain: Quiet - All information about silent sniper

Quiet plays the female lead in MGS 5: Phantom Pain and her name say it all. The motives of the taciturn sniper is not very clear and is probably a part of the story of Big Boss constitute 'adventure.

Below we take a closer look at Quiet.

MGS 5 - Phantom Pain: Who is Quiet?

Quiet is a female sniper who is introduced as "A Sniper deprived of her Words" in the game. Whether she is actually silent or simply unwilling to speak remains unclear. During the action she communicated with Big Boss by murmurs and rudimentary sounds. While she saves big boss at a mission in Afghanistan in 1984, she comes into the custody of the Diamond Dogs. While Miller Kazuhira pushes to eliminate them, will observe the mysterious sniper first and find out whether they actually constitutes a danger to the Diamond Dogs Big Boss and Ocelot.

In the trailer Quiet but not silent you are experiencing the scantily clad sniper in action.

Quiet at a glance

Name - Quiet
Date of birth - Unknown
Nationality - Unknown (Caucasian)
Eye Color - Green
Hair color - Brown
Performances - MGS 5: Phantom Pain

A comrade of Big Boss

A glance at the list of trophies and achievements reveals that you can recruit Quiet during the game as a comrade and she must summon during missions. She is one of four comrades with whom you can go together on a mission, even if she is not allowed to control herself directly. You can make her sniper skills to use and position her at any location, from where she gives you cover and take opponents quietly from a distance. You can improve fighting throughout the game depends on the relationship with her ex. However, it is also quite possible that she may die during missions and is thus irretrievably lost.

Quiets supernatural abilities

Superhuman abilities are in the Metal Gear universe nothing new and Quiet has some tricks up her sleeve. As you saw in previous trailers and gameplay demos, she has the opportunity to become temporarily invisible and to move with incredibly fast pace forward. They can apply her invisibility on individual body parts, to get rid of about handcuffs.

An interesting connection, there are also between Quiet and sniper The End of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, who meets you there as boss. This has photosynthetic abilities, which he refers to his head force of the sun on black spots. In Quiet as this seems to be the case, since you already could see in several trailers as disappeared mascara around the eyes in bright sunshine. So there is a kind of relationship between the two or these skills have been brought about only by gene mutations, such as by nanomachines.