Mortal Kombat X: Tremor Brutalities / Fatalities and Move list

Mortal Kombat X gives us via DLC brand new tremor, the master of the Earth, who destroyed his enemies with his rocky Fatalities and Brutalities. In our list, we describe his Brutalities and Fatalities and also give you instructions on how to perform the moves.

Here we listed all Brutalities and Fatalities of tremor. We’ll show you the conditions for Brutalities and give a brief description of what happened.

Mortal Kombat X: Tremor Brutalities

At this point the instructions and descriptions follow all Brutalities. We use the usual cross-platform annotation for the need to press buttons. The legend is:

1 = Rectangle ( PS4 ), X (Xbox One)
2 = Triangle (PS4), Y ( Xbox One )
3 = Cross (PS4), A (Xbox One)
4 = Circle (PS4), B (Xbox One)

Brutality: Bloodrock

- L2 + R2

- Available in all variations
- Requires 3 segments of the meter
- Players must hold during the last hit pad down
- Last hit must be done by "Rock Bottom" (Tremors Xray)


Tremor starts normally with his Xray Rock Bottom. Instead of the enemy on the second attack with his back to hurl at an obtuse field, tremor impales him on a growing out of the ground stalagmites. The opponent depends on the stalagmites, tremors posing for victory.


In principle, very easy to do if you works with Xrays. It does not matter which variation you have, and as long as you just keep on the directional pad while Xray from the beginning down, the input is not a problem. To land the Xray, you should perform ideally from a combo, very simple, only two strokes etc. consists. Sitting these blows, performs the Rock Bottom. Will they be blocked, it is trying again.

Brutality: Rumble Trouble

- Down, down, 4 + R2

- Available in all variations
- Requires 1 segment of the meter
- Final results must by Ground Quake (down, down, 4 + R2) done
- All three goals of Ground Quake to sit


The third wave of Ground Quake binds the feet of the enemy on the ground. While tremors kneeling, petrified of the enemy from the feet upwards until it is a statue. After a few seconds beat tremor, now kneeling - split the enemy, leaving behind only its skeleton, still tied with the feet on the ground, then the back coat.


You can move if you are sure that you have enough meters to upgrade. Ideally, you should bring it from a combo out.

Brutality: Rockhead

- Back, Forward, 2

- For variation Aftershock
- Jump distance must have for opponents
- Last hit by rock must Toss (back, forward, 2) or Boulder Throw (back, forward, 2 + R2) done


Tremor throws a boulder which separates the opponent's head or destroyed, thereby taking its place. On the Brocken a red smiley face can be seen. The enemy, now headless, falls to his knees.


Jump distance is always a bit tricky - if doubt, a little further away is better than too close. A combo or an attack that already creates a lot of distance between you and the enemy is a good preparation.

Brutality: It's me tremor

- Bottom, rear, 1

- For the variation Metallic
- Jump distance must have for opponents
- Last hit must by Gold Punch (bottom, rear, 1) or Gold Launch (bottom, back, 1 + R2) done


Tremor fires a projectile with golden spike that hit the enemy on the chest and pierced him in the chest. While kneeling tremor, the enemy is completely gilded by the ball out until it is completely a statue. After a few seconds, he falls stiffly back over and slams on the floor.


Again apply the jump distance: Better a little far than too close. The implementation is (aside from the button input) identical to his Aftershock Brutality Rockhead.

Krystal Khaos

- Down, forward, 3; Forward R1

- For variation Crystalline
- The final results must be performed by a thrown crystal (Summon: down, forward 3; cast: Forward + R1)


Tremor hurls the enemy contrary to the crystal that explodes on impact. The enemy is pierced by several splinters, his head is cut off. Tremor is kneeling, the body of the enemy falls back to, then falls to the previously severed head from the sky and is impaled on a protruding from the chest Splitter.


Besides the fact that it just two steps because of the crystal must be summoned first, there are no further problems.

Mortal Kombat X: Tremor Fatalities

Tremor, like the other characters, two fatalities, which are described here and explained.

Fatality: Stone Tomb

- Down, back, forward, back, 3 (medium range)


Tremor includes the feet of the enemy in a stone and binds him so on the ground. He conjures up before and after the enemy huge stone slabs that are now trying to crush the enemy between them. The enemy stands up with both arms against the plates. Tremor is one final jolt that makes successive popping both plates and the enemy crushed between them. Laterally, in the direction of the camera, an extended arm is separated and slides down on the plates, an eyeball can be seen in the gap between the plates.

Fatality: Might Stalag

- Down, forward, back, forward, 1 (middle distance)


Tremor conjures three stalagmites that shoot behind the enemy diagonally from the ground. In rapid succession at the level of the pelvis, the chest and diagonally through the head and the forehead the opponents twitch and fidget. Tremor goes toward the enemy, where he formed two stone hammers. With these he destroyed the head of the enemy by strikes from both sides.