Pac-Man 256 (Android) review

Speaking of Pac-Man, the famous plump character of video games, is considered to be one of the most famous and enduring in the electronic entertainment icons. Since its release in arcades around the world, the creation of Dr. Iwatani has endured through generations, dozens of sequels and adaptations, and even hundreds of winks and cameos in films, television series and other games. Like all myths and legends, whether or not in the entertainment world, Pac-Man dragging a whole host of anecdotes and curiosities that enhance, if possible, its already long figure.

If you know the original recreation of Pac-Man, perhaps you may know the famous bug or programming error 256. Screen players they got to get to that level could not overcome it successfully, then it began to appear numbers, pixels and foreign blockades all sides of the labyrinth, making it impossible to overcome. The real reason? In theory, no one should go so far in the original machine and storage space issues-the eight-bit integrated motherboard did not give more. Yes, and the original programmers felt that "planted" in a not inconsiderable two hundred fifty-six levels was a figure high enough and far enough to no player got there remaining a priori hidden to the eyes of the users.

Now, years after the launch of the original Pac-Man, Hipster Whale, creator of the addictive Crossy Road, take advantage of the halo of nostalgia that wraps Pac-Man and his mysterious level and we have Pac-Man 256, a new title for iOS and Android endless Getting renew our vows with the genre with a very entertaining game and matches as part of the 35th anniversary events organized Namco Bandai.

A headlong rush

Crossy road got that many users return to take seriously the endless games, in particular, those who paid homage also enshrined the eighties game, Frogger. Pac-Man 256 inherits much of the original structure of the title Hipster Whale, as So is the idea of using this headlong rush towards travel as far as possible avoiding dangers and enemies. But Pac-Man has a very clear, key features, the elimination of the formula had been a mistake.

256 Pac-Man is a game that cleverly uses all elements of the original Pac-Man. On the one hand, we have the eternal maze with walls of neon, the "coconuts" that we must swallow as if there were no tomorrow, the bailed fruits and other items, and the iconic Clyde colorful ghosts, Inky, Blinky and Pinky. Without going any further, the application even includes the classic sounds. But as with Crossy Road, Hipster Whale redefines the starting points and translates them into a new mechanical skill very arcade court.

In this new version of Pac-Man flee mutant bug or glitch of the screen 256, avoiding ghosts and eating us when touch. The feeling of uncertainty and danger is greater than ever, because unlike when we had a limited maze, here we surround a pressing need to run forward to avoid getting swallowed by the din of numbers, getting lost between the halls and streets of levels that are generated procedurally and random in each game.

The structure is thus identical to that in experiment could Crossy Road. As players end up running pure mechanics and drive, forcing us to concentrate twice at every turn, turn ... If we caught the glitch of the screen 256 -in this works like other similar games like Temple Run - or we eat the ghosts, goodbye. Game over. Pac-Man is raised to 256, in one way or another, try to get as far as possible in every game, beating our own brands or competing with our friends. Yes, there are loans below, but beware, not many nor too are necessary if we are skilled enough-unless we want to continue the game of our lives perfect.

To add a new playable subtext to this new endless runner of Pac-Man, it has included an overwhelming number of enemies, which now haunt us harder, even to patrol quickly and in groups to hunt us at any time. And as the number of enemies has been increased and the speed -we own game requires much more than the classic versions -., Hipster Whale decided it was best to experiment with their own power-ups added 256 Pac-Man powers and power-ups as crazy: from a laser beam that will crush the ghosts, a freezer effect, extra speed ... The powers come well within the own formula of the app, and add very delirious moments.

Technically, 256 Pac-Man is in a middle ground between adaptation and homage to the three dimensions. Hipster Whale has reintroduced the right avenue isometric perspective, adding that retro feel so smart polygons based on imitating be pixels and sprites. The artistic style merges two forms of representation away for decades, and the truth is that is very well for organic style of game-always running from side to side, unencumbered by the forced, forced and repetitive retro fever all touches lately. As for the sound, three-quarters of the same: if you've ever heard any sounds or characteristic effects of the original versions of Pac-Man, you will be completely familiar with what you are going to find in the app. With texts in Castilian, iOS version of Pac-Man we have 256 -the analyzers supports Game Center and iPad screen.

Concluding remarks

256 Pac-Man is a game that has a clear and concise basis. Don’t mince words, elements unclear monetization - is a free-to-play honest - or tries to abuse the player himself. Although there is no objective beyond ourselves to excel and advance-and this may play against us at a certain point, 256 Pac-Man always prompt us to try our luck more with the game, following the shade extended the unquestionable Crossy Road. 256 Pac-Man is one of those titles that remain in our mobile iPhone or Android device for some time without the specter of what threatens to erase the first hurdle.