Risen 3: Enhanced Edition - all features and release date

Risen 3 will release as Enhanced Edition on 21 August 2015 for the Playstation 4 console and sets as an improved version compared to the PC version.

After the earlier installments Risen Risen 1 and Risen 2 - Dark Waters were not very well implemented on the console, the console version of Risen 3 - Titan Lords was much better transmitted. Therefore, the Piranha Bytes’ developers have involved in the development directly and this time charged any external developers.

Risen 3: Enhanced Edition - Better graphics and DLCs

The Enhanced Edition of Risen 3 - Titan Lords scores especially in terms of graphics, because the developers at Piranha Bytes have the Console Edition donated a new ultra-graphic mode. Thus Risen 3 is at least equal to look good and sometimes even better than the original PC version. Nevertheless, the game will not have any performance issues, because it runs on a resolution of 1080p with 60 fps stable.

In addition, the Enhanced Edition includes all seem so far DLC packages the PC version, including the adventure equipment, fog island and Kobold range. And of course, the developers have also thought of a decent gamepad support, so that you can experience exciting sword fights without a mouse and keyboard.

Cost and release date

The Enhanced Edition of Risen 3 - Titan Lords can buy for your PlayStation 4 console on August 21, 2015. The purchase price is about 40 euros. Considering, however, that for the time being only one version is planned for the PlayStation 4. A version for the Xbox One has not yet been confirmed.

PC gamers from Rise 3 get but perhaps the new Ultra graphics re-supplied by a future update. Then the PC version should not lag behind the PlayStation 4 version. All features of the Enhanced Edition of Risen 3 you can see at a glance here:

- Improved Ultra graphics
- All DLCs the PC version
- Stable performance with 60 Fps
- Published on August 21, 2014 Only for PlayStation 4