Rocket League (PC) Super Sonic Fury DLC details

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As part of the PlayStation Plus offer in July, Hit Rocket League members were able to Surprise free download. Due to the immense success, there is now the Super Sonic Fury DLC available for 3.99 euros on the PS Store or Steam.

We show you what you get for your money:

2 New Cars - Dominus and Takumi (with 6 exclusive Decals)
5 New Paint Types
2 New Rocket Boosts
2 New Tires Sets

Dominus and Takumi

Among the previous 10 cars (11 on the PS4 - Sweet Tooth ), the American muscle car Dominus and the import tuner from the Far East with the melodious name Takumi joined.

In addition, you will receive six exclusive labels, with which you can decorate the new Battle Cars:

Dominus: Flames, Scorpions, Skulls, Stripes, Tats, Wings
Takumi: Chaser, Copycat, Crazy-8, Gaki, Reiko, Stripes

New finishes

In Rocket League you shoot not just goals. Your roars with style through the arena and draws attention with special paint, stickers and accessories for you and your car. Altogether there are 199 objects, of which you have to unlock 165.

With the Supersonic Fury DLC the number of selectable paintwork is doubled. The following new paint jobs are available to you:

- Brushed Metal
- Carbon Fiber
- Metallic Pearl
- Pearlescent
- Wood

Rocket boosts

Without Turbo makes car football only half as much fun right? In addition, you can track that will burn you in the grass, Customize. You draw flowers, dough or bubbles behind you, if you pass racing to competitors - no problem! Thanks to the first extension you have two new missile boosts to choose from:


Tire sets

The only parts of the car that actually touch the ground - and should not hesitate to look smart. The extensive range is supplemented by two types of wheels. Developers Psyonix thinking here of true gangsters and football fans:

- Spinners
- Cristiano

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