Submerged (PS4) Collectibles / Care Packages locations with maps

Submerged: Locations of all Care Packages

Welcome to this handy solution to Submerged. In Submerged you have to find 10 collectibles to help the brother of the protagonist to bounce back.

The first location of a Care Package is indicated to you - the rest you have to find yourself. The packages are located on particular buildings. The searched buildings differ from the generic group and are decorated with red - white - red flags.

The picture below shows you all the Buildings / Supply Crates locations. It does not matter what order you collect them. To find the Packages, you must often climb onto the roof of the building. Since the paths are very linear and simple, you should have no problems.

Locations of all eight monuments

The picture below shows you the locations of eight monuments in Submerged . If you have found all the monuments, you'll get the trophy tourist.

The big crane in the middle of the map is also necessary for the trophy free climbers.

Submerged (PS4) Trophy Guide


Free climber - Climb to the highest point on the map
Tourist - Visit all the monuments
Concierge - Check all hotels
Naturalist - Behold all creatures
Wish you were here - Use the postcard function


Chronicles - Collect all secrets
Tinkerer - Collect all Boot Booster
Circumnavigation - Visit the N / S / O / W-limits
Seafarer - Spend a full day / night cycle in the boat


End - Complete from the campaign