The best League of Legends Champions

League of Legends has over 120 champions for players to choose. However, many beginners don’t know what are the best characters to play. There are users who like those who kill faster, some do well with the tough, while others prefer the magic users. If you don’t know what is your ideal warrior, check out the list of the best:


Katarina is a mage/assassin and melee champion - fighting. She uses daggers to 'mark' the enemy without using mana, resource required for most skills. Also, when she defeats an enemy or an ally to help kill him, the skills have reduced recharge time. This allows the immediate use of all primary skills ('Q', 'W' and 'E') and reduces the waiting time for ultimate, the ultimate gift of champions.

Another factor that makes Katarina a good character is the ability to escape ambushes or fights. 'Shunpo', the 'E' ability murderous causes her to teleport away from the enemy, but can also be used to approach the opponent. Although kill quickly, the warrior has a downside: the ultimate is easily canceled if the bid opponent Crowds control skills (CC).


LOL players have the relationship of love and hate with pirate Gangplank. He is worshiped by some because of the ultimate power, while he is rejected for being too weak at the beginning of the game and has no ability to escape traps.

Gangplank is a melee champion, and Katarina. The ultimate responsibility of character allows it to order the cannon to shoot any map area. He is a useful warrior for those who started recently, allows the user to support the team, regardless of position.

The ability 'Remove Scurvy' Pirate is another advantage. Thus, it can heal good portion of his life and remove effects of slow, like blindness and paralysis. This helps the player to stay longer in the war, without having to return to base or spend potion to regain health.

Miss Fortune

League of Legends has many champions with good ability to Skillshots (fire projectiles at enemies) as Ezreal, Jinx and Caitlyn. However, these control characters can be quite complex for a beginner. So warriors with more accurate shot, as Miss Fortune, are ideal for beginners.

With the 'parading', causes increase movement speed, and this is very useful to find better attack positions. Use a combo between skills 'Shots Rain' - ability 'Q' - and the ultimate 'Getting into Bala', because when using the first technique, the enemy will slow down, which will open up space for more precision in shooting.


LeBlanc, False, is one of the champions more flight capacity throughout the game. Competence Shear, combined with passive 'Mirror Image', allows both run from any fight as pursue more agile enemy.

LeBlanc is powerful, but can also be easily counteracted by enemies like Galio, Zed or Syndra. Use the Shear ability (W) to poke. This act is to attack the enemy periodically and leave it gradually weaker.

The damage is very high, and LeBlanc can escape to retighten the skill button, which takes you back to the place of origin. During fight with team members, focus on character with a little magic strength to put his team.


Darius, Hand of Noxus is an armored melee champion, making him an excellent tank - highly resistant character - for the team. The Power 'Tithing' allows the warrior make a turn with the ax and cause enough damage. The ultimate 'Sash Noxus' cause up to 360 points of real damage on the target, and if you kill the opponent, again allows the use of definitive gift in 20 seconds.

The list brought together examples of good champions to get you started playing League of Legends. However, please note that the character will not only be responsible for the victory. This also depends on the items you buy, the chosen enemy and user experience. Thus, look for training in custom matches before facing the challenges of truth. Good luck!