Top 10 Cards in Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament

In Hearthstone - The Grand Tournament, there are top 10 cards to excel from the 132 new cards.

Hearthstone scored with the big tournament, a new expansion that a cheerful and hearty knights' tournament in the world of World of Warcraft has on the subject. Therefore, there's also 132 new cards with new abilities as inspiration or Joust. But what cards are the best?

Hearthstone- The Grand Tournament: Top 10 Card

The Hearthstone expert StrifeCro has the expansion in advance and considers to pick the top ten cards. He has also created a video on YouTube, in which he explains all the cards again. The video can be found at the end of this article and in the following table, we provide you all the top 10 cards from Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament in detail.

The top ten cards from the expansion of The Grand Tournament

Thunder Bluff ValiantShaman5 Mana Inspiration: +2 on Totems
Totem GolemShaman2 Mana Overload 1
Twilight GuardianNeutral4 Mana Battle Cry: +1 attack and mockery, if you have another dragon on her hand
Tuskarr TotemicShaman3 Mana Battle Cry: Summons a random Totem
RhoninMagician8 Mana Death rattle: Obtain three copies of Arcane bullet to the hand
Varian WrynnWarrior10 Mana Battle Cry: draws three cards and puts all so drawn servants directly on the battlefield.
Darnassus AspirantDruid2 Mana Battle Cry: Obtain an empty Mana Crystal; Death rattle: Lose a Mana Crystal
Alexstraza's ChampionWarrior2 Mana Battle Cry: +1 attack and rush, if you have another dragon on her hand
Argent HorseriderNeutral3 Mana Rush and Divine Shield
Master JousterNeutral6 Mana Battle Cry: Starts a joust and replaced by mockery and Divine Shield if he wins

A detailed description of each card you experience the following video of StrifeCro: