Until Dawn: Unlock All Endings (Good / Bad)

Until Dawn is relentlessly, forcing you to take fast decisions under time pressure. Here also the fate of the eight teens who are struggling in the seclusion to survive. But what decisions you must make in order to survive all of the characters and resulting in no one gets to see the next sunrise? We will show you, what conditions must be met in order for all to survive.

Spoiler Warning! We go into details of the plot and reveal important details!

Until Dawn: All Endings

In Until Dawn, it is clear that you have to live with the consequences. Since you can not save another within each chapter, you should definitely think twice about what options you choose. Only after the first time you play you have the option to select individual chapters again and to make alternative choices. But then you must complete the following section again so that you unlock all alternate endings. Each character can die Until Dawn, you can do it but also establish that all survive. Below, we give you the necessary conditions for these scenarios.

Good Endings: Survive all

For the best end of all the characters must survive. This unlocks a secret additional sequence uncredited of Until Dawn. The following requirements must be met for the individual characters:

- Josh: Finds all indications of twins, so Josh recognizes the tattoo of his sister.

- Jessica: After she is kidnapped from the refuge, Mike has to run her as soon as possible. Always use the riskiest way and slip at the end down the mountain. Then you meet Jessica in Chapter 9 again. Tuck you always with her as soon as you are given the chance to. Do not try to run away from your attacker.

- Matt: Attack not the deer and help Emily not when she hangs from the tower. Jump instead away from her.

- Emily: complete the QuickTime events without error and shoot them not in Chapter 8 in the Security Zone.

- Ashley: If you have to decide when the circular saw between her and Josh, Josh sacrifices. Go to Chapter 9 not the noise from the mine, but remains in the group.

- Chris: As soon as he gets the gun and is faced with the decision as to whether he should shoot himself or Ashley, points the gun against himself (only blanks). Also don’t target Ashley. She will open the door in Chapter 8; however, you have to watch out Wendigo attacks and you must also create there the Quick Time Events with Chris.
- Sam: You can not die before the finale. Receive their Quick Time Events in Chapter 10 errors, and she will live.

- Mike: He can not die before the finale. Complete his quick time events flawlessly in Chapter 10. When Sam at the end of the chapter, the choice has to operate the light switch or to help Mike, decide for the latter.

Once you have encountered all the conditions and all eight teens who survived also receive the following trophies:


The Quicker Man: All the guys have survived until morning.
Four Daughters of Darkness: All the girls who survived until morning.
They all live: All eight friends who survived until morning.


Don't Scare Jessica To Death: Jessica needs to survive the Night of terror

Bad Ending: None survived

None of the eight friends must survive the night for evil end. Then in the credits you get a compilation of how each teenager was killed. To achieve this end is comparatively simple. Fail easy at all possible QuickTime events and you get the bad end. In addition, you will get the following trophy:


This is the end: No one has survived until morning.