Volume (PS4) review

Open the doors to independent developers’filled digital stores of all types of projects, of better or worse quality, but usually with originality. One of those titles that surprised by the unexpected from its concept was Thomas Was Alone, with a touch of puzzles, managed to tell a story through different characters with amazing charisma. Its creator, Mike Bithell, now returns to the fray with Volume, a game that re-imagines the story of Robin Hood, but where it really shines is in its design.

Infiltration of the old, a modern touch

Volume is an infiltration game with a small component of the puzzle, which, as you can imagine, we have to get from point A to point B a scenario trying not to be seen, as we try to get crystals that activate the exit portal. The puzzle component is introduced because there is no room for improvisation at these levels, but we have to find the routine that is designed to come through the situation.

Occasionally you may notice a bit of freedom to act in our own way, but usually we have to stick to a solution. Of course, no shortage of security lasers, automatic turrets, alarms ... The obstacles will grow, but we also will be getting new gadgets to address them. You must also learn to take advantage of these obstacles, and, for example, an alarm may serve to distract a soldier and escape.

Newest Bithell has reminded us Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, PlayStation title, although in Konami yes we used to have room to improvise. In any case, the aesthetics of "virtual simulation", the camera and playable proposal are elements that seem inherited Adventure Snake, which does not have to be bad at all, because it is something we have not seen in a long time.

In any case, where Volume really shines is in the design of its missions. Most require us to observe the situation carefully, contemplate all possibilities, and let us devise a good plan to resolve the multiple setbacks that come our way. Normally, the gadgets we have in each mission will be a clue to how to approach it, and the more advanced levels focus with this in mind will be quite useful.

The truth is that Volume traps not only for the above mentioned design, but also measured by its difficulty. Normally, you manage to find the right spot to not be easily or be maddeningly difficult, but make us feel satisfied by overcoming a mission, always encouraging us to see what is the next challenge. Obviously, it is always possible for us to be stuck at some stage, but it's not an experience you will frustrate.

When the campaign and not give more of yourself and that they are 100 levels, we can spend the creations of the community, which are played comfortably from the game menu. Through a fairly simple editor, you can create missions very interesting, which, as you can imagine, it is essential to extend the lifespan of the game.

Audiovisual aspects

Volume boasts a very good design, extremely simplistic and extremely effective. All game elements are indicated perfectly and practically, you can get an idea of what each thing and how everything works. In addition, the variety of colors that we see as we progress makes dynamic, and prevents its simplicity can get bored. We understand that artistically generic may seem at first glance, but as we progressed we think that the game managed to define his personality.

The sound aspect is somewhat discreet. The performance of Andy Serkis, known, among other things, for his role as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings is as remarkable as music and other voices go quite unnoticed. Also took the opportunity to mention that the idea of telling a story of "Robin Hood cyberpunk" was great on paper, but eventually left in a wasted idea, which also ends up breaking the rhythm of the game constantly interrupting their development dialogues.

A good bet for infiltration

Volume will not change your life, but it is a fun and full game. The story mode is long and varied, with well-designed stages and with a good balance in its difficulty, and the map editor is responsible for making the experience even more of itself.

As Playable, we can only impute controls might respond a little better, but it is something that we have finished accustomed. Otherwise, if you want to test your skills infiltration while you wait for the arrival of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain , surely Volume will not disappoint.