Wild Star: Cosmic Rewards - how new loyalty system works

In Wildstar, soon come Cosmic rewards with which you will be rewarded as loyal customers for real money issues in the game.

Wild Star: Cosmic rewards

Cosmic points are a kind of loyalty points, which you get for every real money transaction in Wild Star. These are credited to you on a special cosmic account and whenever you reach a certain threshold of points, there's a nice reward, like a costume or a mini companion. Furthermore, from and unlock to new account features that otherwise gets you only as a premium player. For example, more simultaneous auctions at the trading house or guild unlimited access.

If you can completely fill the points bar, you will receive a special reward, for a meadow mount or even a new apartment and raises a Cosmic stage. In the new stage it is again to fill the points bars, during which you turn get new stage rewards and at the end again a rich Goody.

Buy buy buy!

As already mentioned, you get the Cosmic points for real-money transactions in the Item Shop. But that is not the only source of Cosmic points. If you, for example, buys premium season, so-called CREDD with play money, it is also Cosmic points. In addition Ncoins that you earn in the store of NCSoft, always charged in Wild Star with Cosmic. So you get points for buy AND for outputting the coins!

Also, even if their coins for another NCSoft game like Lineage II, Aion or the upcoming Blade and Soul, you'll get at least even the cosmos for the purchase itself. Furthermore, you gain for all previous transactions, such as subscriptions or server transfers, retroactively credited Cosmic points so that the loyal players’ subscription version with the same tidy bonuses can start in the Free2Play version!

The following list shows you all the sources of Cosmic points in Wild Star

Action Cosmic Rewards
NCoin expenditure in Item Shop 2 Cosmic per spend Coin
Buy 400 Ncoins in Webshop 200 Cosmic
Buy 800 Ncoins in Webshop 420 Cosmic
Buy 1,600 Ncoins in Webshop 880 Cosmic
Buy 4,000 Ncoins in Webshop 2300 Cosmic
Purchased the Standard Edition of Wild Star 12000 Cosmic
Bought deluxe edition of Wild Star 15000 Cosmic
15-Day Game Time Card redeemed 1800 Cosmic
30 Day Game Time Card redeemed 3000 Cosmic
60-Day Game Time Card redeemed 6000 Cosmic
Bought CREDD 4000 Cosmic
CREDD Redeemed 1000 Cosmic
Former deluxe upgrade 3000 Retroactive Cosmic
Earlier Character Name Change 4000 Retroactive Cosmic
Former paid Realm Transfer 4000 Retroactive Cosmic
One-month premium subscription 3000 Cosmic
Three-month premium subscription 9600 Cosmic
Six-month premium subscription 20400 Cosmic
Twelve-month premium subscription 45600 Cosmic