Wild Star: Cost - Here you can spend money despite Free2play

Wild Star does not cost more when it starts as Free2Play game in the fall. But the crazy MMORPG from Carbine and NCsoft is still not free from optional costs you find useful and crazy things. We show you, for what you can spend money in the Free2Play version of Wild Star.

As of autumn 2015 Wild Star will be playable without subscription, but if you like, can still throw money each month on the game. The usual subscription fee from 12.99 to 10.99 in the month's additional experience points for quests and challenges, more courses at the auction house, more play-money rewards and access to Warparty PvP.

Wild Star: Cost - Ncoins, OmniBits and Lucky Coins!

The real money stuff is paid by default Ncoins. It is an exchange currency that you buy Euros against real on the NCsoft page and also in other MMORPGs NCsoft - can use - like Lineage 2 or Aion.

Alternatively, you can also pay by OmniBits for many real-money items from the shop. These useful things you can find in the game world by particularly great challenges or in dungeons and raids. Lucky coins in turn are only available to Ncoins and serve as currency in Madame Fays luck Bude.

Madame Fay likes Glitzies!

The lucky coins serve as payment in a new minigame called Madame Fays luck Bude. This is a kind of lottery where a greedy Lopp Fortune Teller throw coin in the throat to pull it loose.

There are no rivets, each lot contains something useful, mostly new colors or craft stuff. However, chic costumes or mounts can be in it. Or even new weapons and OmniBits. The more coins you invested, the higher are the chances of getting a prize, which is guaranteed once you even at the end of the pay scale.

Booster, Costumes and Construction

Otherwise you can also use Ncoins and OmniBits quite regularly in the shop exchange for cosmetic and useful things. For example, there are tons of new costumes and mounts, including adjustments. And homeowners will be happy, because from furniture to complete Genres lot is offered.

For power gamers there's all kinds of booster potions that you gain more experience or reputation during your working life. And finally you can still use the lucky coins to buy special key for chests in the game world, which in turn can contain valuable items. Furthermore, you will receive for each Real Money Transaction donated so-called loyalty points which you in turn give more odds and ends. Past transactions from your previous game Star-time count incidentally retroactively!