Wild Star: Free2play - Closed Beta information

Wild Star will soon Free2play and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the fall, the developers, Carbine and NCSoft, test the new game mechanics and payment options, currently in a closed beta phase. We show you how you get into the beta and what rewards await you.

Wild Star, the motley science fiction MMORPG from Carbine and NCSoft, had a subscription online role-playing game with little success, but the developers have not long off the game and hope for a transition to Free2Play. And so it also goes well, the new system, including modified game mechanics and Item Shop will be tested extensively until the fall in a closed beta.

Wild Star: Free2play - How do I get into the closed beta?

There are two ways to participate in the closed beta of Wild Star. On the one hand you can participate in the Closed Beta under the specified link . Places are limited, but if you hurry, you should soon have a beta key to participate. Then use it into your game Star account and you're registered for the Beta.

Alternatively, it's really easy when you have a subscription for Wild Star running or terminates. Because subscribers may still get in on the beta and need neither a declaration nor a beta key. If you have your key registered or are subscribers, you have only the client for the Wild Star Test Server download via the link above and get into the game.

Michael Scarn help on!

On the test server starts without hero and you must first create a character. So you begin to level 1, but who has no desire to protract high levels, can address the NSC Michael Scarn (little nod to "The Office") in the starting area and then teleported immediately in a special area in the respective capital. There you can immediately UPGRADE to level 50 and pull out of the sale, the robot gear you want. Even endgame raid stuff! Also craft materials indoors, if you want to test the new rune crafting system.

Alternatively, you can also use existing game Star hero on the test server by regular logs you in Wild Star and in the game with the appropriate hero chatting / ptr copy. Then should be able to let off steam on the test server after a short wait a copy of your favorite. Furthermore, there is something for your test account a whole lot of real money currency with which you can test the new Item Shop.

Which brings me to the beta test?

On the one hand you access - if you have a key - watch for free the innovations in Wildstar in advance and shall decide in advance whether Wildstar good for you as Free2Play game. Secondly, there are of course again a special title called "Freelancer", which you will receive, if you have dabbled in beta and you look after the start of Free2Play version on the live server let.

Furthermore, the beta will take place in two phases, the first phase is used to the new Item Shop and test some new game mechanics. At the end of the first test phase, there will be a wipe and load your game progress will be lost. And of course your beta hero will not be transferable to the live server.