World of Warcraft: Legion Artifact weapons, expandable arms

In World of Warcraft's next expansion Legion there will be special Artifact weapons that accompany you throughout the game and will be expandable. Read here all the information and facts for upcoming Artifact weapons in Blizzard's online role-playing game.

Each player of World of Warcraft knows the situation: You have the legendary swords of the great heroes, who has stood by you many times faithful in battle. But wait, the last boss has dropped an even hotter sword. As away with that old part and go on to the next, even more legendary weapon.

World of Warcraft: Legion - Artifact weapons - True legends for real heroes!

But this wear on legendary blades should soon change, because in the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, Legion, there will be special Artifact weapons for each hero type and any playing style. This should total 36 different artifacts and thus result in a clever choice.

This equipment conforms to the legendary weapon of the history of World of Warcraft, for example, of the same name earlier Doomhammer Horde Warchief Ogrim. And so you can start right away, the associated quest starts early in the extension on your special classes Medal Hall.

No more weapons-Jump!

But what keeps you from to replace the new artifact weapon again against the next best sword? Quite simply because Blizzard will make the artifact weapons upgradeable. You can upgrade the blades with relics and also each weapon will have its own talent tree that expanding by special Artifact Experience.

That's right, the talents are celebrating over the artifact system a return to World of Warcraft! Thus, the artifacts are always stronger and more powerful, and if you should not suck the appearance, you can use up to five different skins and colors for them. So running around not everyone with the same Doomhammer in future.

From the forge nothing new

However, the new artifact system means in return that you can find no other weapons more in Legion, but only upgrades for your artifact. The artifacts therefore accompany you through the entire extension. And as they are by the upgrade, talent and alternate skins almost own characters, they should grow quite fond of you.