World of Warcraft: Legion new Honor System 3 info

One of the many new features in World of Warcraft: Legion is the new Honor (PvP) system which finds its way into the upcoming addon for WoW with popular MMORPG. Below we give you all the known information about the changes to the Honor system, which was not just a little modified, but has undergone a complete overhaul: the PvP system 3.0.

With the forthcoming improvement, the PvP system is in World of Warcraft fundamentally redesigned. The entire point system has been completely redesigned and re-introduced as version 3.0.

World of Warcraft: Legion: Honor System 3.0 - General Information

The new system combines several features that have been installed successfully in WoW with some completely new ideas. First, it is noticeable that the new PvP system builds less on the equipment and be much more focused on the skills of each class. There will be no longer special PvP gear, however, a specific PvP talent system, which will bring more separation between PvP and PvE is done, but this is intended to ensure easier access for PvE players in PvP due to the acquisition of the talent system. In this way, the PvP is less different from the PvE and players, for example, only go Raiden can also get a fairly simple entry into PvP. Step into a battlefield or arena, your values are automatically calculated based on your specialization and not on the basis of armaments.

On the other hand, the PvP for players who mostly roam on battlefields and in the arenas of Azeroth to further feel rewarding and there are incentives to continue to visit the battlefields and arenas. By which rewards or mechanics, players should be motivated? At this point reach a new system that converts the honor points in talents and ranks. On the other hand it will also give a new Prestige system which lets you earn Prestige Points that can be exchanged for other rewards, such as mounts, portraits or relics for your artifact weapons again.

Honor Points

If you take part in a fight on a battlefield or in an arena battle, you will continue to receive honor points. However, no equipment will be available in the future for Honor Points. Instead, the honor points are quasi act as experience points, which you can fill up a progress bar. This is similar to the bar for ringing or experience points. By collecting honor points you will gradually ascend in your honor ranks, can unlock by turn special PvP talents.

These talents will partially be quite new skills and it will involve PvP talents that were previously part of the PvE talents and abilities. As a result, these talents are on all battlefields, available in all arenas and in open PvP available. With Level 1 you will receive, for example, access to an official insignia that you have to buy so far. Similar to the PvE talent system you will get access to more talent with increasing honor points level your hero. If your honor points level reaches 50 you can select any talent series respectively to one per row, which in turn will allow for diverse playing in PvP.

The new PvP talents should also include skills that have been removed in the past out of the game as they had only benefit in PvP. Similar to the PvE talent system will find you talents between the passive bonuses or properties that change the action of existing abilities.

WoW Legion: Prestige System

If you have the maximum honor points level reached 50 grab the new Prestige system that a little of the Paragon system of Diablo 3. As a result, you can continue to earn points, but you have to first reset your honor points, while maintaining the acquired bonuses and talents exist naturally. For the completion of arenas and battlefields, you will then receive prestige points instead of Honor Points.

Prestige points can also be accumulated up to a prestige level 50th Achieved the maximum prestige level, that you can also reset it and start again with the collection of prestige points. In this way, you can freely play special bonuses. These bonuses range from marking on your portrait, which provide information on the frequency of achieving prestige level 50, on certain mounts to unique skins for your artifact weapons.

At this point we will hand you over all the other new features with respect to the new PvP system 3.0 in World of Warcraft: Legion keep up to date.