World of Warcraft: Legion new territories of the Broken Isles

World of Warcraft: Legion - Broken Isles: Details about the new territories of the Broken Isles

With the upcoming add-on World of Warcraft: Legion entire new continent will again come into play: the Broken Isles.

General information on the Broken Isles

The Burning Legion is through a portal in the grave of Sargeras to the Broken Isles and your job will be now to prevent the Legion to push for destruction of Azeroth. Furthermore, you will make in the different areas in search of relics, which you need to stop the Legion.

In the devastated islands await you five new areas. You will initially land on devastated beach, which will be the area of introduction. At this point you will experience the history of the invasion of the Legion. If the statements of the developer to be believed, you will wake up from a blazing fire in the world.

In the other areas you will, as usual, meet many new enemies who are trying to make your life difficult. The Burning Legion has spread over large parts of the continent, so that this will also meet in the different areas. On the island you will also confronted with the story of the night elves civilization and especially of the Druids.

World of Warcraft: Legion - The new areas

Many new areas are coming to you in Legion. Here we present them to you.


This zone is crossed by ancient memory of the night elves civilization. Once a large and particular civilization, now testify only ruins and remains of an ancient time the size of the culture. You will encounter ghosts of the ancient night elves and remnants of the Blue Flight. In Azsuna you in the instance of "Eye of Aszhara" encounter the servant of Queen Azshara.


Suramar is a mysterious area in which a new kind of elven home. More than 10,000 years, they were to be found in Suramar and they managed to improve their magical abilities more and more. During the invasion of the Burning Legion, the elves become pawns of the Legion, which must destroy now. The last relic of the closure of the portal in the grave of Sargeras you will find in this area. Here is the instance Suramar City.

Storm Home

In this field it reveals the fate of the Vrykul, who have made thousands of years ago on the way to find a new, holy land. In storm hit, there will be two instances, on the one hand, the Halls of Valor and secondly Bright home. Both instances are home warring Guardian of the Titans. You meet here on the origins of Valkyr and Kvaldir while you're on the road and fought the god-kings of the Vrykul.

The Hochberg

On the Hochberg you meet a new strain of the Tauren preserve Khaz'goroth’s sanctuary. It is the place of the earth guards and even Neltharion himself plays a role. Remnants of his past will be revealed by you on the Hochberg. Even the good old Hemet Nesingwary is waiting for you in this area. In this area is also the instance Neltharion's Lair.


In this zone, you will discover many secrets of the Druids because Val'Sharah is a forgotten refuge of the Druids and the night elves saw it as the pinnacle of their civilization. Here Malfurion became druids and in this area you will on numerous stories of the night elves and just push the Druids. However, the area is haunted by demons who are trying to release the eternal nightmare. The fact that you cannot stop this venture will receive their brief insight into the 'Emerald Dream'. The instance Darkheart Thicket is below the World Tree in Val'sharah.

In addition to the starting area and the five new large zones also Dalaran is experiencing a comeback. The Kirin Tor, which will now be led by Khadgar and not of Jaina Proudmoore, arrive with Dalaran to the Broken Isles, to help the heroes of Azeroth in the fight against the Legion. The exact reasons for this are far behind not known, but certainly illuminated during the addons or in an eventual pre-patch closer.

As a neutral capital Dalaran will be a key location again for both the Alliance and the Horde. In Dalaran, you will again expect fortress as an instance in which it is to go deeper into the fort.

The original Dalaran in Northrend will remain available for the sake of the game flow.