World of Warcraft: Legion class halls, functional / benefits

World of Warcraft: Legion class halls, functional and benefits for all classes

One of the new features in World of Warcraft: Legion, the upcoming expansion for popular MMORPG, will be the class halls. These are to regain more importance classes. They will also be a venue for your hero, which is located at a place which is the history of your class is of great importance. The religious halls in WoW: Legion are not just for individual players available, but be a place where all players of a class meet, whether Horde or Alliance.

But the class halls will not only be a meeting place, but still fulfill other tasks. Below we show you what is going on with the class-specific halls and what role trailer or Champions play on which you will also meet.

WoW: Legion: The medal hall as a garrison 2.0?

The medal halls may well be regarded as a development of the garrison, the main weaknesses of the garrison be well avoided. First one is the Order Halls not alone on the road, and secondly, they should probably take on a specific role and not be a panacea as the garrison in Warlords of Draenor.

In addition, the class halls will not play a major key role for the profession, as it is still doing the garrison. However, they will be the starting point of quest lines, which resulted in further developing your own: Artifact weapons. Then you have to return to them in order for example to bring relics. In addition, some of the new quest series, which will be essential for your character.

Each class is in World of Warcraft: get your own medal Legion Hall, which initially serves the story behind your class and the unique character to strengthen this. You're going to these contact points to share with all the representatives of your class on your server, no matter which faction you belong to and will thus similar to the neutral cities constantly be surrounded by teammates. In addition, there will be in the Order halls also NPCs that will help you, your character and advance the story.

The classes will combine their unique strengths in the fight against the Legion and join in their respective halls. However, there may well be distinctions for the different fractions of classes. When Paladin example these would be the Knights of the Silver Hand, or the solar converter.

Champions as a supporter

A parallel to the garrison on Draenor to represent the so-called champions, you will meet in the Order halls. These NPCs will support you throughout history. However, there is a big difference to the supporters in the garrison, because the champions are indeed also sent one of you into the world, but don’t perform tasks or treasures like mountains on Draenor, but free play especially tasks.

In some developer-interviews have already been hinted at how the system is supposed to work. So it should be possible for example to send your champion on a patrol in a particular area. Another option is to send your Champions on a search mission, which they locate in the course for you treasure, you are allowed to save these yourself and open. Thus, no longer passively waiting in the garrison, but actively intervened in the action.

This will be Champions from the supporters in the garrison. Firstly, they will receive a supporting function, so you have to be active and make the Champions only the preliminary work and are supportive role. On the other hand the number of Champions will be lower by a multiple than that of supporters in the garrison.

The Champions will be either very specific, well-known followers of your class - elite figures from the history of Warcraft that you gathered around to the Legion to put an end (about Lady Liadrin).

World of Warcraft: Legion: Locations of the Order Halls

Much is still unknown about the locations of religious Halls. Neither the developers have expressed about whether you will be able to enter the halls through portals in the capitals or whether you have to make the trip again and again. What is known is that it will probably be spread over all of Azeroth. It remains to be seen how the issue of accessibility is achieved.

So far just a few ideas of the developer to the locations of the individual class-specific religious buildings are known. Firstly, the hall for paladins below the chapel Light's Hope in the Western Plaguelands to reside. On the other hand, developers are thinking about to move the corresponding halls for shamans in a cave at the maelstrom. For Warlock it is conceivable in a world Portal of the Legion, while discussed for rogues whether they may be located in the Dalaran Sewers located. With respect to the location of the hall for a great villain in the discussion is already Community erupted, since this would clearly prefer the Ravenholdt Manor. But with respect to the locations seem still many questions unanswered.