Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Season Pass at a glance

The annual with a new spin-off game series about the masked assassins brings as regular DLCs in an extensive Season Pass on the market. This year stands out above all the "Jack the Ripper" DLC where his hunting makes him the infamous serial killer. In addition, owners of the Season Pass will receive another mission pack, exclusive weapons and armor and an XP boost. We give you more details about the individual DLC below

"Jack the Ripper" campaign

20 years after the events of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate you make yourselves in this DLC on the hunt for the most notorious serial killers in history. Here you assist the Scotland Yard’s Inspector Frederick Abberline to investigate crimes in London. Enlargement is both the Season Pass and sold separately. You can purchase the new Add-on and the Season Pass separately.

Mission pack: "The last Maharaja"

In 10 new missions, it supports the exile Duleep Singh the ruler of the Sikh empire in his fight against the Templars and the enforcing of his birthright as a maharajah. This DLC will be released in the course of spring 2016 for owners of the Season Pass.

Exclusive Mission: "A Long Night"

In the exclusive mission for Season Pass owners shall save a fallen into danger and comrades to safety. It is full of action down to business and you will have to master a wild chase with horses and carriages. "A long night" will be available at launch.

Two sets of equipment, weapons and outfits

Your arsenal is expanding as Season Pass owners with the following two sets:

- Steampunk Pack
- Victorian Legends Pack

These included extraordinary weapons, equipment and one new outfit for Jacob. The packs appear one month after release in November.

"The Streets of London" Pack

In all-round pack new missions for the main game as well as equipment, weapons and more gameplay.

Permanent XP Boost

As the owner of the Season you get a permanent XP boost and can level up faster. This is active from launch.

Train out of control

In this mission it is necessary to climb a runaway train at full speed and to bring to a halt.