Beginners' guide to Star Wars Uprising on iOS and Android

Star Wars: Uprising is set shortly after the events of "Return of the Jedi" and before the Episode VII, "The Force Awakens". You take on the role of a self-constructed smuggler in Anoat system. Control is simple gestures on the touch screen.

Star Wars Uprising (iOS and Android) useful tips and tricks for beginners

- Use in your attacks jump and roll to dodge blaster shots and melee attacks. You can perform the roll by tapping twice on the screen.

- The Hold out-Blaster, special ability, is already available at the beginning of the game with that you can inflict high damage in a short time. It automatically recharges the energy consumed when not in use again. 

- You can adjust the difficulty from the level 5. While you progress in the game, stronger opponents mass on you, but greater effort is rewarded with additional loot, new items and other rewards. Story missions can not be experienced again, therefore you should take a look at the highest difficulty level from the outset. To survive, your character you should have at least 50 points higher than the minimum.

- Use the various components that fall into your hands in your path through space. The rarer the items, the better the returns. Rare items can also be further upgraded and improved, you should not equal rank-1 components. Similar elements may be combined and thus also improved.

- Set the focus on first upgrading the weapon, and then take the armor.

You can find rare equipment and tackle serious issues together with friends, by joining in a clan, called "cartel." To join a cartel you can use the internal chat feature of the game. Alternatively, you can use the comments to lookout new friends.

- Complete the daily tasks in order to easily attain bonuses and other rewards.

- Send your crew regularly. Here you should indeed do the orders without the red-marked, but even with yellow missions it is very likely that the crew successfully returns.

- The level there is at least one Loot Crate. Keep your eyes open and therefore do not run blindly through the individual areas.

- Should move towards the end of your energy in attacks, don’t mind the way to the cure stations. These can also be used in active attacks.