Destiny The Taken King - Locations of all Keys and Chests

Are you already working hard on the Hive fortress (Dreadnaught) in Destiny The Taken King, on the road, you will surely have noticed many locked chests. They are spread across the map, and need all unique keys to open. You can attain them only by means of specific steps in which, inter alia, the Wormsinger Rune and Wormfeeder Rune play an important role.

Destiny - King of the possessed: Locations of the key - so you'll get it

Altogether there are nine legendary unique keys that needed to unlock the chests:

1. Key of Eir - Near the breakthrough, pass through the enemies in a cave with worms nested.

2. Key of Ur - Near the breakthrough but deep down, where only heroes can go.

3. Key of Xol - Not in the breakthrough, but on the road, where lords and princes of rein free their anger.

4. Key of Yuul - Near the court, where the debt paid off, on the ledge, the one deposits his faith.

5. Key of Akka - Near the court, but in a cave along the cobbled street with maggots.

6. Key of Gnashing Teeth - In the courtyard, and directly below where only the bravest can go.

7. Key of Spawn - In Mausoleum, in the middle of a path, the alive can not see.

8. Key of Maggots - In the mausoleum locate the key where blind maggots crawl.

9. Key of Wyrding - Along the Mausoleum, walk in the direction of breakthrough where invaders dock.

The descriptive texts of individual keys already give hints on the locations of the chests. But more on that later. First of all we want to answer the question of how you get close to the individual keys.

In order to get a key, you must perform the following steps:

1. Kill enemies in the Hive fortress - Dreadnaught in order to obtain as random drop the wormsinger Rune.

2. As the description suggests, you have to bring this rune and use the terminal near the Cabal invasion.

3. Then comes a landing ship with enemies and the Hive mob Blahgrish that you have to knock, to obtain from him the wormfeeder rune.

4. Now it is arbitrary to kill 50 enemies in the ship to charge the Rune and to get a key. However, you must not die in the process, otherwise the counter will reset.

5. Once you have defeated 50 cabals or group of opponents, you get one of the legendary key accidentally.

6. For more keys you have to repeat the whole procedure again.

You can find the locations of all chests in the video