Fallout Shelter (iOS / Android) Special Stats benefits and locations

The attribute system in Fallout 3 called SPECIAL STATS and represents

Endurance / Stamina

Each room is assigned an attribute that determines how good a resident hires himself there. Therefore, it is advisable to use the residents according to your strengths:

Strength: Strong characters are best looked after in the generator room. You can train the strength of your characters when you put them in the training room.

Perception: Perception is useful to detect impurities in the water, so a useful skill in water treatment. You can exercise in the armory.

Stamina: Stamina is a useful tool in the storage room. However, a mystery but you can also use it the Nuka Cola Factory.

Charisma: Charisma helps your residents, the children witnesses to be more successful. Moreover, Charismatic characters are good to use in the radio station. You can train Charisma in the lounge.

Intelligence: Smart characters are in good hands in the research laboratory and the infirmary. Nors are smarter in the classroom.

Agility: Who serves food must be fixed. Therefore nimble residents are in good hands at the diner. You can train agility in the sports room.

Lucky: lucky you can always use. It increases the probability of success of Tempo mode of the rooms and the residents. You can train even lucky: In the arcade.